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One Week In

Hidden2 Weeks Winner

Well one week into being a NON-SMOKER !!!

The headaches are easing up everyday and the breathing seems a bit better the last couple of days... BUT I am about to eat the damn base boards off the house !!!!! 🤣😂🤣

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Time to get the healthy eating books out. nuts carrot sticks diced melon grapes all good nibbles. Keep up the good work. 🌝💕💐🌈✖✖✖


Congrats Myersk, you’ve made it through your first week smoke free and that’s a great feeling, well done🚭👍👏

Try chewing gum to help with the munchies and keep up the good work🚭💪😊xx

PenguinsDontSmoke21 Months Winner

Just wondering how you are doing? I know about the urge to eat, I gained a solid 50 pounds! But now I will work on the weight. Hope you are well.

Healinghurts3 Months Winner

Hidden, I have sinus issues and new glasses after 5 maybe 6 years of not wearing them, so the weird withdrawl headaches are blending in with the pressure and focus adjustment headaches. However after 2 months...the Hunger just started hitting me! Oh Good God! I just purchased a bunch of dried fruit and nuts to have something splurge on before bed. If I didn't I didn't I would be eating all the wring stuff. Am I a late bloomer with symptoms. All the wierd stuff is just now hitting. Anxiety and chest tightness are tapering off a bit, but pain hits anywhere it wants now. Arms, legs, face, teeth, feet. It just hits and runs. My advice find a super healthy cheat food and buy lots of it. Lol. Stay positive, drink LOTS of water and walk or jog as much as your time and body permits. You got this.

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