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Nearly 5 years

Ickytoots15 YEARS WINNER

Hey my fellow quitters i know im never on now but yiu always will be part of my no smoking g journey THANK YOU ALL

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kenster14 MONTH WINNER

hi 5 years is amazing hopefully one day I can turn around and say that good on you and heres to the next 5 years smoke free.

Ickytoots15 YEARS WINNER in reply to kenster1

It wasnt easy i made some great friends on hear and every time i wanted to smoke , this app was hear! I was on to speak to my friend roneo, a long term quitter,, you my friend with this group can do it too xxxxxc thank you

kenster14 MONTH WINNER in reply to Ickytoots1

thank you I only recently joined this forum I scroll a lot rather than comment as ive not quit yet but determined to soon I evn find myself looking in to my tobacco in disgust that im about to smoke.

roneo in reply to Ickytoots1

It's good to pop back in from time to time to see old friends still fighting the good fight.

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to roneo

Hi roneo, good to see you too. Hope you and the lovely Lily are doing well😘

roneo in reply to Briarwood

G'day Briar,

Trundling along, happily smoke free. Still fighting the battle of the bulge but heading in the right direction. Poor Lily has been suffering with vertigo for the past week. Having lived an almost illness free life to this point, I think her anxiety only makes it worse.

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to roneo

Sending healing hugs to Lily and hope she feels better soon. A friend of mine suffers this too so I know how distressing this is. Go well my friend and take care of each other👍🏼😘


Thanks Ickytoots, its amazing how we can still come back as friends after all this time. This site is very special to lots of us. :) xxxx


Wow 5 years is great - thats an amazing achievement. Can I ask, do you ever get any urges anytime at all in regards to smoking (even nostalgic) or do you feel completely detached from it now?

Ickytoots15 YEARS WINNER in reply to sizzet

No i dont xx


Icky!! So good to see you back on here.....think I was just a few months after 5 yrs is next May. Who’d have thought it eh? You’re living testimony to the fact it can be done and you can stay ‘done’ !! Love to you, Poll x

Veteran250LONG TERM WINNER in reply to Polly-PV

Five years smoke🚭free is amazing Icky 👏👏👏 well done...... love your hair colour! 😀😘 Xx


Hi Icky, lovely to see you and must say you’re looking very well👏🏼

Thanks for popping in and huge well done to you👏🏼😘

Maaaate! That is one shock of red locks!😀 5 years! Hasn't that time flown! I remember that first couple of weeks, each day dragging like it would never end. Then, a few months after quitting, having that luxurious sleep in without nicotine deprivation forcing me out of my slumber. Anyway, happy anniversary.

Ickytoots15 YEARS WINNER in reply to roneo

Thanks roneo❤️ you were my biggest help threw it all,, 5 years and to many more

roneo in reply to Ickytoots1

Only yesterday I was playing golf with a smoker friend. Usually, I "tolerate" smokers having been there done that!.....

On this occasion I savoured the moment he lit a cigarette & it was a stark reminder that, as much as I'm over the addiction, the senses still respond to the stimulus of past "pleasures". I am so glad that we are both smoke free.

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