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"Physio Nic did the biggest u turn ever"

The last 2 days have been hell. The brain games have returned with a vengeance I can't believe this can't breathe congestion headache sweatING anger loss of energy,sad emotional crying, WHAT THE HELL. I don't even think about or want to smoke the brain game intensity with the headache is off the charts. I'm hanging on with everything I have. Why I had all those good days :(

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Ooooo! Teri! We're doing this together, we are doing so well. Have you spoken to a doctor? Do you really think it's nic related? Please hang in there,sending positive vibes,enormous hugs! XXX


Tubby it's nothing more than physio part of my brain trying to make me go smoke and I won't allow that to happen. Brother Grim is right on target. Yes I do walk around like a tough girl,I have to hold it in. At least I was happy doing it. It's starting to calm down some now. Just had a check up all was good. Just a bad bump in the road. I always look forward not to far,but positive. There's a good side, I'm still PTQ-N.O.P.E.. I'M ADDICTED AND NOT THERE YET. Just keep holding on. :) The weird thing is I don't think about or want one. Go figure. Still have the dizziness and headache and tired.I'M HANGING. :)



Sometime you should allow emotions to let free . What happens to us , while quitting we try to be very tough emotionally, suppress our feelings and try to act as nothing bad happening .

But once it accumulates and bust ., we feel what is this ..

It had happened to me as well few month back .

Allow it flow .. don’t resist .. feel all these emotions. What can help you in this moment is that try to watch all this but do not react to it , just observe how one emotions comes , peaks and then subside....believe me it will pass ..

Keep the faith and belief going 🙏🙏🙏


Hi it takes up to 12 weeks to fully get ole Mr Nic out of your system so I reckon this is his last chance of trying to get you so is pulling out all the plugs. Tell him to get lost and to stick his baccy where the sun don't shine! :D That should do it. xx


That's good to know I only have 2 weeks left. I'm cold turkey not giving that up. You don't see it coming seems worse. Thanks I will look forward to that. :)


OMG Teri, you are an inspiration to us all, 10 weeks in and still fighting nasty Nic. He will try and convince you that he is your pal, your buddy, but that is all an illusion of what used to be. He hates to be a loner, but kick him to the curb and don't let him twist your thoughts. Seriously though, the so called cravings are just thoughts now, that can be shrugged of by changing our routine. Try getting up on every thought and doing something different, maybe a short walk around the kitchen or garden :) I did a lot of pacing around the front room in the first few weeks :) I, like you, cannot wait to get to week 12, hoping that, that is the magic number to squash all withdrawal symptoms flat.


Hi Teri,

When I get strong cravings or physical distress , it’s usually because something is stressing me out

Hang in there xx


Dear Teri, sorry to hear you are feeling this way😟 it’s just nic telling you he’s still around. Stay strong as this will pass and you will feel back to yourself soon. One day at a time🌷🤗🌷


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