Belfast with a touch of pink and orange

Belfast with a touch of pink and orange

Morning Everyone,

Well yesterday passed quite easily, just a couple of cravings. Which is surprising as I decided to dye my locks. Now why do you want to try a new colour just before you go away I don't know but I seem to have developed a knack of doing this.

So what was supposed to be a honey blonde turns out to be a mixture of varying tones of very bright orange and pink !!

So I am currently, after doing an emergency visit to Sainsburys this morning, trying to correct the hair colour position.....

Anyway once I can leave the house we will be heading off for a long weekend to Belfast, lots of stuff organised so should be a great weekend. No connection to the trip but my great grandad was Irish which apparently my friends reckon answers a lot of questions about me...

Have a great smoke free Friday Everyone.

Remember choices you make today matter so be strong and NOPE.

Another day on my journey to freedom.


5 Replies

  • Good morning Modes.

    Was this you. :D :D

    Have a lovely time in Belfast. see you next week. :) xxx

  • Ha ha ha, yes just about, unfortunately the repair job isn't much better but I thought what the hell ha ha xx

  • Have a great weekend Modes, enjoy👍🏼😘

  • Thanks Briar , looking forward to getting another milestone behind me , drink and being away . Lot more confident now though xx

  • Hi Modes - I bet it looks great and bang on in the fashion world. I see so many girlies walking around with pink hair. Well you just have a great weekend and enjoy yourself. Hope the weather is decent for you too. :) xx

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