Hi to all my favorite people

Hi its Monday morning again and just a big hello to all you lovely people.. I am getting there!!! It will be two months this Friday Ist March since I quit the habit and I am doing great.. This weekend I started to get a cough and am starting to bring up all the bad stuff that I helped put into my lungs when I was smoking.. Its disgusting and fowl..The good thing is its coming up at last as I have had a dry cough and was starting to wonder if it would ever come up..Anyway enough of me and wishing you all a Happy week ahead and remember to stay strong..We are all here together ..xx :) :) :)

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  • Good morning Happyme, its great to see you are Happy:) , you have done really well, congrats: You should feel a lot better when you get all the rubbish off your chest. Well done you :D

  • Well done HappyMe, it is lovely to hear how positive you are about being a non smoker. 2 months is fantastic and it sounds to me like you have already got there and are now free from the habit.

    Hope the cough goes and you have a happy week too. :)

  • Hi to you two.. Yes I am amazed at how well I have done so far.. Dont have any cravings as such as I an using the inhaler and now only biting down on it.. I feel good but need to watch my weigh as eating a lot more these days.. But hey the important thing is I am kicking the habit .. Have a nice day. :) :) :)..

  • Thought I was the only biter :) thats what I do most of the time, bite on the e-cig, gosh were a pair of weirdo,s. Might get myself a teething ring :D

  • i bite my inhalator too lol.

    I had a thought the other day ..i wondered how many smokers and ex smokers used to suck their thumbs,fingers or a dummy..could be interesting :))

  • Oh well I,ll have to order a few teething rings off e-bay for us all :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Good morning girls, Glad to see your all staying positive , and supporting each other. I am so glad to see you all as NON- Smokers. Yep you can do it.

    Your all just top bananas!


  • Good morning everyone and well done to us all. Heres to a fab day.

    Linda xx

  • Hey Happyme, you have every right to be so happy :D

    You're doing ever so well and coming up to 2 months is 8 whole weeks. Brilliant :-)

    Keep up the positivity as it will take you to the best places :-)

  • Good evening to you all and thanks for the lovely comments and words of more encouragement.. I had another fab day at work and I am now even forgetting that I have an inhaler which is so good.. I have great faith for you all and lets keep up the positive mood and help others.. :) :) :)

  • Hi Happy, so glad you had a good day. Before I quit I'd spoken to a few people I knew that had quit to find out if and what they used. One of them told me she used a pencil! She said she could fiddle with it and chew on it if she so felt a need. Just a thought if you want to replace the inhaler but still have some kind of crutch. :)

  • Ah thanks andi for that.. Will try it and see if its works.. :)

  • A massive pat on your back for nearly getting to 8 weeks quit :) :) you hold your head up high, and feel proud of yourself, cos they aint no turning back now :) :) you've beat it, do you hear me you've beat it :) :) :) Am so so glad for you.

    Pete :)

  • Good morning.Pete. THANKS so much for your lovely message ..Yes I am so proud of myself and its been hard but worth it.. I can now call myself a non smoker :) :) :) :) This site is what helped me as I was able to see that we were all in the same boat and picked up some great tips along the way.. Cravings come and cravings go...:) :) :)

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