Morning fellow quitters

Morning fellow quitters

Morning, and a lovely sunny morning it is in the north east today.

Great Day yesterday, cravings nil, bit of a blocked nose and sort throat not poorly so just figure more cleaning out of the body which is good with me.

Have a fab smoke free day everyone.

For those struggling, distract yourself , change your routine , get out in that fresh air if you can . Whilst there are times you cannot believe it , it does and will get better so hang in there .

Another day on my journey to freedom.


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  • Hi Modes - wow you are a Stormin' Smoke-Free Quitter! Go You!! Great advice too which certainly does help. Hope your blocked nose and sore throat eases off soon. Enjoy your day. :) xx

  • Good morning Modes, Yeah its a nice change to be sunny up here in the North. :)

    Have a lovely Sunday. :) xxx

  • Good morning.

  • Missed the morning so happy afternoon to you xxx

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