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Got through my 9th day

Holy smokes! Got through the day..it was better than yesterday but still foggy brain. I have to push myself to get up and go. And I ate a lot today😕but I didn't smoke. Got a call from my surgeons office and Monday is my official consult!! Yay!! I told her I hadn't gotten many preop requirements accomplished because I honestly wasn't sure I was going to be able to quit. Sooooo...now I'm heading in that direction. I can't wait til a year from now after my surgery and I look back and go: WOW it was so worth it!! 💃🏽

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Hi Elle - I have been reading your posts since joining this brilliant community yesterday. I think you are doing great! This is Day 3 of my QUIT and will be in Day 4 later today (3pm). Getting all kinds of withdrawal symptoms and crazy emotions and thoughts too! But we can do it!! xx


Thank you fairysaun! Congrats on your 4th day!! That's awesome. I decided to use this forum to let out how I'm feeling when I am craving a smoke. When I feel bored or lonely. Something to remember when you're craving HALT- hungry angry lonely tired. This is when we crave a cigarette the most. And also bored lol. But I have discovered that I usually crave at one of these times. The first 5 days was hardest for me for physical withdrawals. That part gets easier. Mine is mental now. In the morning when I wake up I automatically think I should be smoking! It's crazy how we train our bodies and minds! Well good luck on this journey. You can do it!! ❤️❤️


Well done!!. And great news on your Monday consultation!. Really pleased for you😊. Yes, emotions can vary in the early quit stage!. You already have your mind focused on your goal which is great, keep that close, so when you feel an urge to smoke you can reel off your list of reasons why smoking will be a really bad idea.

Good luck for Monday!



Well done Elle, another day done on your journey👍🏼 Be proud and I'm sure your surgeon will be delighted with you on Monday and it will all be worth it💐😊x


Elle, the encouragement is here for you from your friends, but it’s all down to you and your determination, good luck for Monday xxxx 🌺🌸🌹🙂


Thanks all. I will post after my consultation. I'm so excited. 😬

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