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Got through it

Well yesterday was mum in laws funeral and I got through it there were a couple of realatives there who have given up smoking but smoke on the odd occasion and a thought did run through my mind perhaps I could do that and one of them asked me if I would stand outside with them while they had a fag which I did but I just took my vaper with me and do you know it didn't bother me there were even times when I didn't even think about a fag so I now think I am well on my way to being or should I say a non smoker it was a lovely service and she had a lovely send off and I got through it

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that is absolute fantastic - Well done you :) :)



awesome done!! i can't wait to get to that point myself, i still want a smoke every time i see somebody with one, but then i'm going cold turkey, which is driving me nuts, but i'm trying to stay strong, anyway keep doing awesome and soon you'll maybe even be off the vape

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Thank you hiro I'm not to worried about the vaping I'm hoping it will naturally cut down as I get further into my quit your doing so well cold turkey I know I couldn't do that


Hi done😊 Glad it was a lovely service and send off 😊

A HUGE congrats for staying calm and smoke free, am delighted for ya coz its not easy when you get a big test like that so well done😊😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭


Well done for getting through a sad and difficult time, thinking of you😊


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