decided just to quit

I had my last cig yesterday after lunch and decided to try and quit once and for all cold turkey. I have thought about it for a while and don't really want to smoke a E Cig or chew tobacco. I have thought about smoking a lot the last 24 hours and I definitely feel a little different and weird today. A good friend I work with was a big part of my motivation. Wanted to share as I begin this journey. #healthylife

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  • Hi ya 1T1D, a big warm welcome to our quit support group :) and congratulations for deciding to quit the cigs :) probably the best decision you have made in your life :) :)

    Right, your going it Cold Turkey, soooo, I will take my hat off to you for that :) cos its going to be damned hard for the next couple of weeks :o BUT saying that, once you get past the first couple of weeks :) things will start to get easier for you :) :)

    1T1D, you have one hell of a good friend at work :) :)

    Now then, you say you feel different and weird :o yep, am sorry, but this is part of the process of quitting, especially if you go Cold Turkey :) You will perhaps feel a bit dizzy, not being able to concentrate, feeling empty, as though you have lost a friend, etc :o These are normal symptoms of recovery :) :)

    Your mind and body are going through a massive change :o and this will take a bit of time to get sorted out :o so please be patient eh :)

    If you have a look to the right of your post, you will see Pinned Posts & Topics, have a nosey through them, cos there's loads of help and advice there :)

    Stand firm 1T1D and remember, NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

    Good luck, Pete :)

  • Welcome 1T 😊

    Well done for making the decision to quit 👏👏

    Our resident Monky has already gave you some great advice

    Keep strong, think of all the positive things about quitting smoking coz there's no positives to keep smoking.

    You can do this 👍


  • hiya 1T1D and a big warm welcome to quit support :) :)

    Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking and especially cold turkey. The first couple of weeks of quitting cold turkey can be tough....but with a positive attitude and strong will get through :) :) ( i quit the same way)

    Having a good friend at work to motivate you is brilliant :) :) We have a great quit family here that are always willing to offer support when members need it.. :) :)

    if you have any questions - just ask....if you need to vent...just do it :D :D..we all know how tough it can be in those early weeks and are a very supportive bunch...we want every member to succeed on their quit journey :) :) :)

    All the vest best of luck

  • Hi 1T1D,

    Well done on making the leap into your non-smoking journey. Cold turkey is without a doubt a teeny bit of a challenge (said tongue in cheek as I too quit cold turkey and it was a madam) and as you are already discovering brings about some odd symptoms as your body gets to work cleaning you up 😁 but try and take those feelings as a positive even when it doesn't feel like it. Will power, motivation and support will be all important and there will generally always be someone on hand here to shout at! Good luck and enjoy one smoke free day at a time 😃

  • Good luck ct can be hard. It I'm 72hrs in cold turkey it can be done keep it up

  • Good luck to u and u can do it! I'm almost 2 weeks quit cold turkey as well. All the people here r so supportive. Just come on if u r having any issues. We will help u through.

  • Good luck 1T, you can do it and you've definitely come to the right place for help and support, well done on making this great decision😊x

  • My official quit day was 9-15-2015, yesterday (day 1) was weird, I felt lonely sad and depressed at night and I had a crazy vivid dream (which I read was normal), I was excited to get to work to speak with my good friend who is also quitting, this site has been a big help and also watching those gross video s of what cigs do to you really help.

    smoking is gross!

    thanks everyone I really appreciate it!

  • Hi ya 1T :) thank you, your quit date has now been loged in :) :)

    I can see you've had a nosey around :) there is loads of help and advice on here :) :) Maybe try to get your friend to join :o :) cos it is totally free :) and then you would have somebody you know on here :) plus if your friend gets into a bit of a do :o then perhaps we can help them eh :) :)

    Your doing ever so well 1T, sooooo, lets keep it that way eh and get you FREE from the smokes :) :)

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