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I absolutely HAVE to do this

I am having surgery on my back in early December and to best increase my chances of a smooth recovery I have to stop smoking. Today is my first day and despite my ECig I'm absolutely craving my cigs but I have to do this. Tried before and went 2 years without smoking so I absolutely KNOW I CAN do it but it's just so very hard at the moment.

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Hi Snowdrop. Sorry to hear about your back op, tho I'm assuming it will be a good thing as I imagine you are already in pain and the op will hopefully alleviate it. And good that you're preparing in plenty of time. It would be so easy to keep putting it off until before you know it you're mid way through November (that's probably what I would have done - leave everything till last minute) ;)

If you've stopped before then you'll know the beginning of a smoking quit is the hardest. I know a few people who have stopped smoking with an e-cig so if you persevere you have every chance of being successful. Just think that all those cravings that you're having now will be well out of the way by December and better to have them now than be lay in a hospital bed knowing there's no way anyone's going to let you get up for a ciggie.

Good luck and everyone on here will give you lots of encouragement along the way.

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Hi yellowsnowdrop

"Yes" you CAN DO IT. We all know how difficult it is to stop and what a pain these Cravings are & making it all so difficult, BUT I liked what Emjay kept saying to me and that was "THIS IS YOUR BODY & MIND RECOVERING" - so I now think I DESERVED the pain and I had to go through it. NOBODY lit a cig & smoked it for me - I did it even though I knew all the damage it was doing. So with that in mind the pain you go through in the first few days (week / s !!) is worth it because you will be so much better & feel so much stronger.

GOOD LUCK & BE POSITIVE as we keep saying - being POSITIVE makes it all so much easier

- You are NOT loosing something you are gaining everything by giving up those horrible, dangerous, smelly things.

Best wishes



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Aup Snowdrop and welcome to this lovely quit support site :)

I know the E-cig isnt quite the same as a fag, but once you get used to them, they are very good, I also use a patch to help me with my quit :)

Snacking also helps to get rid of the cravings, ha ha I've got a rowing machine which I give some bashing I tell ya, that really helps me to get rid of the cravings :)

Some of the gals on here grab hold of a cushion and give that hell :D but it works for them :) If your on your own, then flippin scream and shout :o cos even I know that helps to get rid of them cravings :)

Snowdrop, good luck on your quit, it does get easier and please keep us posted on how you are doing :)

Speak soon, Pete :)

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Hi There, well, good on ya for going for it. Sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves is so very harsh. YES - it is imperative that all smokers stop. I too, like you, decided to stop because of having surgery. The difference this time was the fact I decided that I had chosen to stop smoking, not because I HAD to. The simple change in the thought pattern helped enormously. It was my CHOICE, not compulsory. The end product is the same, but the mind set was different. Like Pete, I used NRT, but decided to go for the mini lozenges and when I really wanted that 'hit' I had a spray of the nicomist - it really has a bite to it!! I also decided that this time round, I would NOT have a little puff on someone elses fag, or allow myself to smoke just one. That was a major factor. If you don't have the first puff, you can't possibly ever smoke again!! Keep at it - for one minute at a time - if that's what it takes. Just as an added bit - have you tried sugar free fishermans friends - they do cherry and blackcurrant flavours now, and fags deffo would not taste the same!! I won't say good luck - cos its down to bloody hard work, but keep at it - it is sooooo worth it. Bet your biggest regret is starting again, but don't beat yourself up, that's in the past and this is now. Be good to yourself - I stopped for only six months but started again, am now paying the price as I have a 1 in 5 chance of surviving lung cancer. Nothing would induce me to start again, how 'sick' would it be for me to nip out for a fag whilst having chemo/radiotherapy. Go for it, don't look back and be kind to yourself!!! vee xxx

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Hi yellowsnowdrop,

I hope you've entered the weekend the right way up and that you are in the best frame of mind to keep focussed and motivated :-)

You've been given some great advice and support from our lovely members already. Let us know how you are doing.

Remembering that you can do this and that we're with you all the way :-)


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