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Really struggling, went to the supermarket to get some snacks and lunch for work, really struggling to ignore the kiosk. So badly nearly bought a packet, I was even saying to myself, buy one, just don't open it..... But I managed to ignore it and walk passed, but instead of feeling proud of myself, I feel low because I didn't get any. I hope the low feeling passes soon, and this catarrah!!! At the moment I feel worse than when I was smoking, I will continue to try, but it's solo hard 😥 xx

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Hi Lavchandy, Well done on not giving in . You stay strong. Like I have said to Jakksie the rough and challenging times are not easy, but stay strong and fight your way through. Mr Nic is very cunning, he makes you think he will make things better for you, where in fact he makes things worse. Feeling low , depressed, cold and flu like symptoms are all part of your quit . Your body is getting rid of those 4000+ toxins that cigarettes have put into your bloodstream. If someone gave you a bottle of arsenic or cyanide would you drink it? Thats exactly what cigarettes were giving you over a long period of time. Its the nicotine that gets you addicted, then the poisons take over.

Be proud of yourself, We are all proud of you. well done. :) xxx


Well done, each time you get over another hurdle it will make you stronger. I too felt worse before I felt better but hang in there coz you're doing ever so well. Every little win is another victory🚭👍🏼😊


Feeling worse from not smoking and giving in to cravings passes in minutes. Feeling better from quitting lasts the rest of your life. I always ask myself if feeling a little worse or moody or whatever when resisting cravings....is worse than hating yourself for giving into cravings.


Alongside the addiction is the habit. I hope I'm right in saying that it takes 6 weeks for the brain to break a habit and learn the new one. It helps hugely when you get used to not going to the kiosk Or newsagent. It will feel alien in a few weeks.... well done for passing by. You are being incredibly strong!.

You should be very proud😊😊



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