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Day 28 and was feeling that I've cracked it this time. But after a minor upset at the supermarket yesterday (I forgot my coupons!) sad I know and irrelevant in the great scheme of things and would not have bothered me previously - I have been desperate to smoke since - only saved last night by non smoking friends being present.

I still want to smoke but know I shouldn't but tonight smoking friends are coming round - don't think I can stay strong the way I feel and would just the odd one really matter?


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Thanks you are right - I would feel bad and sad and no I've never been able to stop at one - maybe the easiest way is to cancel the friends :-)


Hey joolz please try and be strong. No need to cancel friends just ask them not to smoke in front of you. If they are true friends they will respect your wishes.

Go on to the tags and read Jillys story. perhaps they will see what can actually happen if you carry on smoking. Whatever you decide you will still get the support on here. XXX


Hi Joolz

First, congratulations on 28 days! You got this far with your grit and determinatin, and I can't believe it was easy. You deserve the medal :) !

My advice is don't! Don't cancel the friends and don't quit quitting. I think you slip back quite away when it sneaks in, and then it's harder to climb back, so why bother quitting quitting.

You have done amazingly well so far, tremendous, so hang on, and feel good and proud tomorrow.

Good luck and hang on in there! Anything you can spoil yourself with, other than fags - if o, give yourself that, you deserve it!



John, you have been doing so well. I notice that you said in the daily chat that if you won the lottery you would go back to smoking. You really ought to put some value on your life. We don't know what our future holds, we may go on to live full happy and healthy lives, we may end up with a smoking related disease that may cost us our life. Even worse, end up with a smoking related disease that costs us any quality of life that we may have, and have to live with it for maybe 10 or 20 years. Another thing that we'll never know is which cigarette it is that we smoke that is that proverbial straw.

Great to hear that you are planning to stop again tomorrow. It may be worth trying to find other reasons for you wanting to stay quit on top of that financial promise that you made.


Hey Joolz, I hope your evening went well and you managed to stay strong.

Evidence shows that if you stay smokefree for 28 days then you are more than likely to remain quit. However, it's worth remembering that it can take around 12 weeks for those nicotine receptors to die down.

The further you get along in your stopping smoking journey, the quieter these receptors get. However, I sometimes wonder are they only being quiet as they are reserving their strength and energy and waiting for 'that moment' to jump out at you and catch you out.

I don't believe that you actually 'want' to smoke, you just think you do. I think it's more of those little receptors leading you to believe that and sending out those cravings to you.

You've been given some good advice and hopefully you've managed to enjoy your time with your friends. If you did end up smoking, it's important that you learn from it and think about the steps leading up to it, your efforts to not smoke before eventually saying yes to one rather than no. Whether you gave yourself permission to smoke beforehand or just done it without thinking. The other important factor is that you pick up where you left off and continue to stay stopped. Let us know how you got on tonight and we'll take it from there :-)


Hi, Just had a little read of your blog. Well you have got through last night and will/will not have had a fag by now. I hope you didn't - I find if I have one - I get the 'stuff it' syndrome and tell myself I'll start again tomorrow, but then something else happens and that day rarely arrived. I has taken me 43 years to stop sneaking the odd one. I tell myself 'the first one does the damage' in my no smoking campaign. I'm on day 49 and it is by no means easy. Had a friend round yesterday who smokes, so gave her an ashtray to go in the garden to smoke. She accepted this without question, as we had to when it wasn't allowed in pubs and cafes etc. When she came in I could smell the stale inhaled smoke on her - it was aweful, but I just thought to myself 'I mustve smelled like that' . The smell of the ciggy smoke smelled beautiful and I think it will for some time yet. It is early days for me, but like madi said some people can get away with one or two, but I don't think they inhale - if it causes a craving problem to us then I think the addiction has set in, the brain receptors have already changed and then - for me - having one would just set the whole thing off. At the moment I tell myself I can do or have anything(legal) except have a ciggy. good luck in your journey and don't give up giving up. xxxx


Thanks so much everyone - pleased to say I didn't crack and now feel so relieved . The friends came round and although they said they wouldn't smoke , I wanted them to have a nice time so they did and it was fine. It made me stronger cos I knew that I'd have smoked loads and today I am so pleased.

One more benefit I've noticed is that a hangover is not as bad when you don't smoke!!!


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