day 8

today has been bad. I have a strong urge to smoke, I'm extremely stressed and really want a cigarette and since my boyfriend cant stop smoking in front of me I have to battle that urge twice as hard. I don't know what to do right now I'm losing my mind and worst case scenario I'm just going to sleep the rest of the day away. because how else do you deal with cravings this bad. crying because I cant have one. I serious hate today. day number 8 labeled worst day emotionally for cigarettes. I cant think because my mind is wrapped around them today. so early goodnight everyone, see you tomorrow. I refuse to smoke so I will be sharing symptoms of day 9 tomorrow. yay for past one week, dear god I forgot how hard this was.

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  • Hi Jacky,

    Keep up the good work, in my opinion try to convince your BF at least for the 1st couple of weeks nt to smoke infront of you were you are the most tempting to have a cigarette. Also i stopped smoking again 3 days ago, try to have a nicotine gum it will help.

    Anyway good luck .Just try to pass the first 2 months and your life will change.

  • You are absolutely doing it Jacky!. It must be so hard quitting in a smoking environment, can't he give just a little and go outside for you?

    Sleeping is pretty much what I did a lot. Is there any nice walks near you?, along a river, to a local park, round the block(I went round my block I don't know how many times in my early quit!) just getting yourself out and listening to the birds, the wind in the trees etc can really help you feel relaxed and take away the stresses of quitting, might help you forget it for a moment😊.

    Well done, keep at it 💪💪🚭🚭

  • Aw jacky I know how you feel as my hubby smokes and I found it so very hard in the early part of my quit😩

    I used to say to myself I refuse to let him be the reason for breaking my quit. It made me all the more determined.

    Please please hang in there as you can do it. If he lights up walk away to another room or outside. Better if you can ask him to go outside as this will help you.

    You are doing brilliant so keep going👏🏼😊

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