Where did that come from?

it has been tough the last couple of days, particularly today. Well past the withdrawal stage, the urge to smoke has been almost relentless. I've done my utmost to tell myself how bad they taste, how expensive they are & how they do NOTHING for you. I have managed to ride it out, but if anyone had offered me one today I doubt I would have held out. I think it's as much boredom as anything but so unexpectedly persistent.

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  • Hi there Roneo, It isnt unusual to get withdrawal symptoms out of the blue. But stay strong, If your using any form of nrt keep it at hand. Get yourself some lozenges just to take the craving away. Like you say it is probably boredom so try keep yourself busy. xx

  • Thanks Jillygirl. I quit without any NRTs. Nicotine no longer has a hold, but psychologically I still have an attachment to "me ole mate". I occasionally lapse in & out of depression & in the dark times cigarettes are like the sirens luring sailors to their doom. Knowing it's all fake just doesn't seem to silence their enchanting call.

    On the plus side, I have resisted & live to fight another day.

  • Well done Ron for not giving in coz sometimes mr nic just keeps at us to tempt us :)

    Staying strong is really difficult but you are doing such a good job and have come so far :)

    3 months cold turkey is amazing but mr nic will appear from time to time :)

    It will get easier believe me and I'm sending strength to resist, so hang on in there and it will pass :) :) x

  • Thanks Briarwood. I've always been concerned by the stories of people who quit for years & then started again. I have been one of them. I stopped for 15 years in my late 20s & started again when my wife left (by the way, it didn't help alleviate the grief). It's very discouraging that the price of freedom is indeed eternal vigilance.

  • Yep I think you're right, it's eternal vigilance unfortunately :(

    It's worth it though :) :) x

  • Aup Roneo :)

    Firstly, you've done the best thing that you can, thats come on here and shout about it when the going gets tough eh :)

    I truly take my hat off to you Roneo for going it cold turkey, cos I know I couldnt :o

    Although you are doing ever so well on your quit, now at 3 months :) :) I know myself, if I'm feeling a bit down and out :o then that flippin mr nic comes a calling, I tell ya :( but like you say, smoking just dosnt help at all :o

    When I get these odd days, I jump on my rower and give it flippin helllllllllll and I mean hell :o its a wonder I dont do myself a mischief, mishap what ever you want to call it :D :D But it works for me :) cos I feel fantastic when I get off my rower I feel on top of the World :) my heart is pumping away my lungs are full of oxygen and that flippin mr nic has gone :) :)

    Like I say, this works for me, but may not for you :o so look around you, try to find something, a hobby perhaps, that will take your mind off it :) a different form of exercise :) or get some snacking done :P :D maybe, make a new list of WHY you want to quit and the benefits you will get :) Draw a plan up of what you want to do in the New Year, as in the garden, fence, shed, etc :) get some holiday brochures :)

    Dont forget Roneo, its not just mr nic you got to beat, but the habit as well :o

    Please pal, if you need any more help, just you flippin SHOUT and I will pass you onto Cinderella :o :D :D

    Take care pal and see's ya soon :)

  • thanks for all the support guys. Today I'm feeling so much better. I decided to follow your lead Pete. I went out to the driving range & creamed a bucket of balls. I'm setting up an exercise program today & if it serves no other purpose, I'll be too worn out to go & buy smokes.

  • that IS my most tricky time too.. WELL past ' withdrawal ' stage, its that ' only have the ONE cigarette' temptation... just remember ONE WILL READDICT YOU.. !! and do you WANT to be readdicted?

  • Yeah! Been there, done that! I'm forming the opinion that you overcome nicotine withdrawal within 1- 2 weeks, but nicotine addiction......... that's with us always & can be stimulated even by passive smoke. (Something that has never bothered me in the past, certainly not from a health perspective). Nicotine "attraction" isn't unbearable, but it's still there & combined with the psychological attachment to cigarettes can bring you undone at any time. I guess awareness of this is the best defence.

  • Yep Ron know what ya mean, never can afford to take our eye off the prize coz like any addiction, have to beware of what can happen so it's always going to be N.OP.E and I really don't ever want to have to go through this quitting malarkey again :)

    Good luck with your exercise programme and I'm sure it will help :) :) x

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