The God Syndrome

I know everyone has beliefs and respect that. Personally I am what you might say or call a non believer and my strength to quit smoking is about me and not GOD giving me the strength to do so. I know this can be interpreted in different ways by different people but GOD does give not me the power, I give me the power. Sorry for the rant but I have notice the god syndrome creeping in recently which will make me and others like me pull away. Please can't we just support each other without bringing in the God thing!


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  • H8

    Hi corinna

    I'm a bit puzzled by your post. Looked back over today's posts and can't find anything overtly religious. Have I missed something? πŸ™„

  • Hi Jax

    A couple of messages over the last couple weeks which are probably been well meaning but which have ended with may god help you to stop smoking is not helpful or supportive to individual strenghts

  • Hi, are you okay Corrina? Holly

  • Oh babes I'm fine, you're just not use to me ranting and I can with the best of them when in rant mode then just go back to the normal me!!!!


  • Okay thanks..

  • Certainly, I'm with you all the way. πŸ‘ I am not the least bit religious. If people want God in their life, fine by me, just don't push your beliefs on me.

    I am here to help anyone who's needs it, no matter who they are, where they come from, what they believe.

    πŸ‘ Live and let live πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Karen xx


  • Are we twins that might have been separated at birth! Think you're ace! and yes I think you said what I wanted to say succinctly!


  • πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›β€οΈπŸ’–

  • Hi, are you okay?

  • Hi I totally agree. I respect other peoples beliefs but don't share them and don't want a bible lesson when I come in here or anywhere. .

    I am on another site where someone keeps putting up prayers and verses from the bible. And is full of 'GOD Understands' and 'Hail the Lord' etc. The admins don't seem to mind though so I am debating leaving the site over this.

    The other site I am on is an international one with many USA members. We Brits don't tend to talk like this and I find it offensive and embarrassing. Not slagging off USA people and most of them don't do it but it seems to be mainly Americans who talk like this.

  • That's so funny Lil ...I have unfriended ppl on FB for consatantly posting bible verses and such ...I am from USA ...never realized that as a cultural thing , interesting . No worries here though's okay for others but I just worship nature :)

  • Yep we Brits tend to see our belief in God as a private thing and we certainly don't 'gush' about it the way some other cultures do. Maybe it's because they have evangalists and we don't?

    The main reason I think it doesn't belong on here though is because this site is for everyone no matter what their religious beliefs or in fact if they have any at all. I wouldn't want Muslims or Jewish gushing on here either.... It's not an acceptable place for it.

    As the late great Dave Allen used to say 'May your God go with you' lol x

  • I'm with you on that one Baby Girl!

  • :) :D xx

  • Hi Corrina.... feel I owe members of the group an apology, when I say goodnight, I sometimes say " May your God go with you" So I apologise.

  • There is nothing wrong in that Veteran250. It's not a problem expressing your own beliefs, only when it's pushed in your face like the poster did.

  • Oh Don, that rant was 2 months ago and aimed at people who no longer appear on our site and that's for the good. Well before your time.

  • I agree ! I'm a non believer as well's awkward when ppl bring up to religion to me ...don't give anyone else credit but ME ...your not alone so don't be discouraged by god comments ...I sometimes look at people who start preaching to me about religion and say very seriously ...." I found God .......he was behind the couch the whole time! ". Feel free to use that πŸ˜‚

  • That's great Teaka and I will remember that one. The thing is this site is for everyone regardless of their beliefs, creed, or culture and it is not appropriate on here to try and force your beliefs on anyone else. This isn't what this site is for.

    There is nothing wrong with saying what you believe in, that's fine, but like I said to push it on to others is not!

  • I'm a nondenominational "Christian" but certainly don't, and won't push it on anyone. I respect everyone's opinion, and I don't now, nor will I ever judge them. To each their own. Every single person is allowed their opinion and their belief.

    Good luck to you~

  • Too right phyllis_liberty and I totally agree with you. x

  • I've missed all this, I must be in a different group to you lot πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  • To be fair Sam it was a rant I had 3 months ago, which has come up again out of the blue x

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