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A warning to all new vapers!

Morning all (just)

Thanks again for the support i received yday when i was feeling absolute rubbish.

After trolling the internet to get some kind of answer as to why i was feeling the way i was it all started to make sense. As most of you know i have been vaping since quitting, i only use a truvape pen, not one of those cloud maker malarkeys lol. Anyway, i started off on 18mg, cut down to 9mg had a serious wobble so back up to 18mg. After a week or 3 i went down to 12mg & was doing really well. However, the last few days i had been puffing on it for England, not really realising how much or paying that much attention. The day before yesterday i started to feel a little anxious, this went up to a new level by yesterday afternoon, i felt very low, very anxious, nauseous, lightheaded, sinussy, generally really unwell. I had overdosed on good old Nic!!!! The forum i found suggested plenty of fluids & sugar or sugary drink to help flush it through, all of which i did before bed last night & woke up feeling a lot better this morning. I have now cut down to 6mg & i do not have it constantly in my hand any more.

Just felt i needed to share that with you, as it can be very frightening but easily remedied.

I am proud to say though, that not once through all of that did i want to go buy fags :)

Hope you all have a great day :) :D :)

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Hi Hails good post. Might be a thought to get a couple of bottles of 0 nic liquid in for when you feel ready to quit the nic altogether. You could even have a spare tank of 0 to use now and again to get you used to it :-) xxx


I actually tried to get some 0 today to mix with my 12 but they didn't have any in. I've always had blueberry & been reluctant to try another flavor since trying the bubblegum one last time i tried quitting, it was vile :( They didn't have any 6 Blueberry so i chanced it with a 6 strawberry & it's quite nice. When they have new delivery i will definitely get some 0 in as i think i'll be fine with that & the 6 as back up, great idea Ann, thanks for that :) xxx


Thanks for that info. Our members will probably find that very helpful🌷

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