quit smoking. bad anxiety?

Hey guys. Just something i thought id ask have anyone got bad anxiety after they quit smoking? what do you do to control it? I face bad anxiety if i go in public i always have one of the reason why i started smoking to control it use to have a smoke when my anxiety got bad need to find a new way of controlling it tbh. Just thought id ask 😊

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  • Unfortunately this can be a common side effect from quitting☹️

    Slow deep abdominal breathing is very effective. Relaxation techniques also help🚭

  • Hi Briarwood thanks for your reply. Ive always had anxiety in sort of way its just got a bit worst ever since quitting smoking its the upset stomach i suffer from. I have Social Anxiety if I'm around people i have a panic attack and my stomach just turns its horrible.

  • Me too

  • I'm going through the same thing

  • Its been 18 days for me

  • Hi ya Neicy1977, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and a massive well done to you for reaching 18 days quit :) :) 

    You are now the proud owner of a 2 weeks Winners badge :) so if you could please let me know your quit date, then I can keep your Winners badge upto date for you :) 

    Neicy, if your suffering from anxiety, this is quite a common symptom when we quit smoking :o  There is another community on Health Unlocked called '' Anxiety support '' maybe give them a try eh :) 

    Hope to speak soon, Pete :) 

  • Thank you very much. My quit date was April 10th.

  • Hi Neicy thankyou for letting me know your quit date :) now I can log you into our data base and keep you upto date :) :) 

    Just wondering Neicy, are you using any form of NRT to help you with your quit :o and how are you feeling tonight :o good I hope :) 

    Pete :) 

  • I had a losenger. But it made me sick. So I took it out. I'm very lightheaded. Breathing is rapid. I'm drinking water though and staying calm.

  • Lightheaded is also a common symptom in the early days of our quit :) 

    Neicy, if you have a look to the right of your reply and up a bit, you will see the Pinned Posts :) there are some breathing exercises to which may help you :) 

    If you cant find them, I will repost them for you :) 

  • Hi Neicy and welcome to quit support😊

    Congratulations on 18 days quit, terrific🚭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    As our lovely monky has said, this can be a common side effect☹️ If ya need anything just shout as lots of help here for you👍🏼 Try the breathing too as its really helpful. Good luck on your quit journey🍀

    NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭😊

  • Whoohoo neicy well done on 18 days quit... Awesome quit 😊😊

  • Goodmorning macman☕️☕️


    I hear ya on anxiety.... You can get help for it from a doctor... There is an anxiety site here to support and educate people on what to do for it etc..  I endure many days when going into a crowded place makes me turn around and leave.. 

    Congrats on quitting👍🏻👏👏👏

    The dependence will go away .... We only think it helps us when the opposite is true

    Best wishes from 🇨🇦xx

  • hi Arizonasands. My anxiety has been getting a lot the fast few days 😊 i think in general its just having the case of pushing through it.

  • You're strong macman👍🏻☀️  Keep up the great quit!  The first month is the hardest 😊

  • Thank you. the first 2 weeks have been hard tbh but it gets easier just hate having cravings makes me really want a cigarette  but I'm not going to have one 😊

  • Good morning macman☕️☕️

    Every week that goes by is such a victory for me... I had a really hard time quitting for the first 5 months... But everyone is different... I just relied so heavily on cigarettes when I was down, anxious etc etc... Now I have different coping mechanisms ( thank God)  never thought I could quit.. 

  • Thats very different to me i just lost interest in smoking and didn't like it no more just thought that its a waste of money and messing up my health i use to enjoy smoking so much but as time went on i just lost total interest.

  • That's great... Sounds like your quit is going fairly smooth.... There's always someone on site at all hours if ever you need support.. Love my quit family ... They've  helped me not light up time and time again🌹

  • Yes, unfortunately it's a normal side effect, especially if you're already an anxiety sufferer.

    I too have anxiety/panic problems, which I'm being treated for. Funny, I QUIT smoking because it was making my anxiety worse! Of course there's other reasons, but that sealed the deal for me.

    Ok, so everyone is different, but the extra anxiety you're experiencing will fade and go back to your normal level. It took me about a month. But it did subside, I promise. Well worth quitting smoking for. In reality, smoking makes the smoker calm temporaily, but more anxious in the long run.

    I used cough drops. In not sure why it helped me so much, but it did. 

    Are you taking anything for anxiety on a daily basis? I only ask because I do, and that helped a little during the first month after quitting.

    Very excited for you and your amazing first 2 weeks quit. Don't give up! You can do this.


  • Yeah anixety sucks. I suffer from bad social anixety which stops me from going out and being around people so I can't do much because of it 

  • Yes, I COMPLETELY understand. Its hard to deal with at times, but just know you're not alone. This group has helped me so much. The people are wonderful, friendly, wise, and very non-judgemental. I'm so happy for you that you found your way to this group. We'll help you, that's a promise.

  • Overcoming social anxiety takes practice... It is very isolating... I feel for you... Practice short visits with people ... Half hour coffee here.... Just don't do drawn out visits or dinners , parties etc until you get more practice..and feel more comfortable ... Best wishes from 🇨🇦

  • Thats one thing that makes it worst is caffeine, Energy drinks etc so i attend to not have them even tea make its bad. i went out earlier on and my anxiety was bad yet last night it was perfectly fine just don't get it its strange some days are bad and some days are good. 

  • That's normal too... So confusing, right?

  • it sucks it really does tbh.

  • Hi Macman, I dont think we have met :o soo a big warm welcome to our quit support community and a great big well done to you on your quit so far  :) :) 

    I see you've had lots of help from some of our lovely members to which I cant better, so am wishing you good luck on your quit journey and I hope it gets easier for you now you have the first 2 weeks done with :) :) 

    Speak soon, Pete :) 

  • Hi monky I sure have :) thanks guys 

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