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michelle-w6 MONTH WINNER

Hi All, Never joined a community and never tried to quit! I have been diagnosed with COPD and it has scared the jeebers out of me. I am on my 4th day with the help of a nicotine spray and a vapouriser......not sure if this is cheating?? My husband still smokes and I teach construction to adults who all seem to smoke, so I am feeling proud of myself, my lungs seem to be trying to clear 35 years of tar out of themselves, sometimes they cough so hard it feels like they are turning inside out. This only happens on a morning, can anyone tell me whether this is normal?

If I feel a wobble coming on, I google smokers lungs and the urge soon goes away!

Really feel inspired by your community, good luck to everyone :) x

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Good morning and welcome to Quit support Michelle. First of all BIG well done on deciding to quit, and secondly staying strong when your near other smokers.

You will be getting a cough due to your lungs clearing , and probably other symptoms too, or you may just sail through with no problems at all. :) Have a browse around on the pinned posts as there are lots of hints , tips, and information to help you on your quit journey.

I have put your quit date for Saturday 25th Feb 2017. If this is wrong please tell me.

Now you can have a look at your badge , which will change to 1 week very soon.

:) xx


Hi Michelle and a very welcome to our quit support community. Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking... this certainly is the place to visit for all the support. We have a few members who's partner still smoke and have been successful. After all, this is your journey 👍👍🍀🍀🚭🚭 it can be tough at the start and NRT etc is there to try and help you so no it's not cheating at all.

Believe in yourself, stay strong and committed and keep this site nice and close..if you have any questions, just ask. You will see just how awesome our community is and it's great to have you as part of it 👍👍

We have a little mantra NOPE= Not One Puff Ever, sounds so very easy 😂😂


I'd never joined a. Community online before quitting. It has helped me hugely on my quit journey. Any ups and downs, worries or anything you succeed in and we'll be here to support you😊💪💪🚭. You can do this.

Well done on your 4 days!!!.xxx

Hi Michelle - first thing - you are not cheating using a vape. I know I too had doubts too but in total honesty, had it not been for my vape, I wouldn't have stayed quit in the early stages. I'm now at the point where I haven't charged it/filled it up with zero nic ejuice since last week. So, you feel proud of yourself my girl! You do whatever works for you!

Second thing - which should have been the first thing! - hellooooo! keep this forum close, read everything, post regularly - its a massive help!

Third thing - yes, that cough is entirely normal. However, if you are in anyway concerned about it, please pop and see your COPD nurse/GP for reassurance.

see you back on here soon!

jax :) x

Michelle, glad to see you on here for support. I also have a COPD diagnosis, and have recently quit smoking. So far I feel so much better with wheezing, which is now gone, hardly any coughing, which sometimes still clearing out the tar from before. Even after only 2 weeks I feel like my breathing has gotten deeper and easier. It is a huge difference. In fact, I have been able to get into some cardio exercising lately. Which you wouldn't even think of when you are a smoker. It really helps to read all you can about smoking and posts of success.

michelle-w6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Schmicter

Whoa there with the cardio exercise! not sure my little fat thighs can take that just yet! :) seriously tho, I am noticing a difference with the little things, walking upstairs is certainly easier and in such a short space of time. I know I will have difficult days, but not as difficult as my breathing has been. Well done on your 2 weeks. It will be great to share little milestones as everyone progresses. I used to play clarinet and sing (not at the same time of course) and I have given that up due to the breathing. Hopefully one day I can return to this love. Can our COPD be halted in its tracks? I must admit, its probably the only thing I haven't done much Googling about.

Nottobad in reply to michelle-w

Hi Michelle stopping smoking will slow down the progression. Of COPD sorry to say but there is no cure . But you are doing the right thing in stopping. Eating healthily and exercising will also help.. I was dx with COPD in 2006. And no two people with COPD are the same. But there is no reason you can't live a full life. Stay positive and don't let your COPD rule your life. I have recently started a cardio workout at my local gym. Once a week. That was after doing pulmanoary rehab classes. And if you google COPD just use NHS choise and the Brittish lung foundation websites. Take care xx

michelle-w6 MONTH WINNER in reply to Nottobad

Thank you for your support, I will certainly try to get out and about more as time progresses. baby steps, but I am on the right road....so glad I came across this site.r I certainly don't feel alone in my struggle. and I cant thank everyone enough. Good luck to all. Onwards and upwards! xx

michelle-w6 MONTH WINNER

Thank you so much for all the support, something strange happened today, went shopping (which I hate!) walked past the 'smokers' on a corner and actually did not like the smell! Absolutely amazed.....maybe its the first time I have actually smelled smoke on other people, not sure. Feeling so positive, this is a good thing, and nothing good ever comes easy!!.......just ordered the Hubby some patches hahaha!!!!

Thanks once again to all :) :) xx

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