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Day 36

Yesterday was unexpectedly tough. I had a prolonged period of wanting to smoke for no particular reason.

I've noticed that my cravings have this weird Pavlovian aspect to them. My mouth gets wet (because I salivate). Never noticed the physical responses before but I'm paying attention more to whats happening to me. I'm a little depressed because of a few factors. I'm trying to do something about the bits I can, but the things that are out of my control are more difficult. That said I'm hoping that my new fitness regime helps me get control of that particular emotional aspect of my life.

I'm still hungry/thirsty often....but think this might be because i'm still breaking the habit. Not sure when this ends but the weight I've put on while quitting has started to annoy me.... In fact everything annoys me more than when I was smoking.

Before I quit I didn't mind waiting for my girlfriend.... or those loud people (kids) .... or any of the millions of things that make up life. I hope this feeling is temporary!!!!!!!

Weird rambling statement ended............

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Afternoon Frank - yes that mouth-watering thing is a bit off-putting I know, and the tendency to gain weight too. I understand the weight gain is for a couple of reasons - 1 we eat more, 2 smoking changes your metabolism so when we stop, it has to sort itself out again. Sounds like you are defo doing the right thing to keep this well under control by exercising.

You say that everything is starting to annoy you in a way that it didn't when you were smoking. But you are coping brilliantly and learning new ways to deal with life's stresses so don't get disheartened! All part of the process I'd say!

Love a good long post to read so don't be bothered about what you see is rambling!

have a good one

jax :)x


My first few weeks of quitting I was a quite impatient, angry and irritable. It slowly goes away over a period of months--at least for me. However, don't let that discourage you. I like to think of how long I've used cigarettes and that a long process of recovery is to be expected. Hope that helps.

Stick to it and keep posting; this is a wonderful and supportive community.


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