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I'm new here, decided I needed a bit of extra support after falling off the wagon last week. I've been a smoker for thirty years, stopped for 1 year a few years ago and it was easy... I thought I'd be able to 'just have one' with a drink but was back on them with a vengeance. I had hypnotherapy a couple of weeks ago, first week was fine but then a stressful day hit along with the evening phone call trigger with my Mum and that was it. Am climbing back onto the wagon today and trying to ignore the little voice saying ' oh go on... Just one!' Which then turns into another... And another. Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

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Welcome to Quit support, So glad you have decided to give it another go. Unfortunately Mr Nicotine doesnt give up easily.

First of all are you using any form of n.r.t. or ar you going cold turkey?

Have a good browse through the pinned posts and topics on the right of this page.

Try making a plan , and be ready for those times in the day when you usually have a cigarette.

Change your routine, have plenty of nibbles around , so your ready . Deep breathing exercises also help.

Let us know when you decide to quit , and we can add you to our wall of winners and assign you a badge. We are all here ready to help and support you , no matter how many attempts it takes , no matter how long.

:) xx


hi Jillygirl, Thanks for the encouraging words! I was going cold turkey after the hypnotherapy but fell off the wagon. Back on now and have an e-cig for emergencies, things like phone calls etc. my stress response seems to kick in at anything! Which it's always done but I had cigs to fall back on- even though they were making it worse. So vype is there when I need it! The only way for me is to keep very busy. Massive dinning room painted yesterday - one of the jobs I do is decorating and am getting so much more done without the dallying to stop for a cig and a think!


Hi Zurryoh and welcome to quit support😊

Well done for not giving up on giving up. Sometimes we need a few trial runs before the main event.

We say NOPE not one puff ever as we really are only a puff away from returning to smoking🚭🚭🚭🚭

You can do it and this lovely group will make a huge difference to keeping you that way. One day at a time and shout if ya need anything, good luck😊

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Thanks! Yes, it does seem to be that way this time around, needing to cut it out gradually, sneakily. Doing cold turkey doesn't seem to be working this time. I have set myself the rule that I won't BUY cigarettes, and I live in a remote-ish place so my occasional vape will do and serves for the triggers of phone calls from mother. Keeping very busy doing practical stuff is the only way for me!


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