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The "OH" Factor

Hey I think my brain is getting more fertile now that I've quit. Seriously.

Speaking of cravings (Lish hope you're reading this) they don't last more than 3-4 minutes generally speaking. As your days pass as a non-smoker the cravings get less frequent. Isn't that fantastic news?!!!

As for me I prepare myself for the onset of cravings. I would like to call it the "OH" Factor. What's this all about? Ok the moment a craving kicks in I say "Oh hello there. How can I help you?" It starts with a thought and then moves on to an emotion. This emotion is either a sensation or physical trigger. Then I repeat "OH you're back. Sorry but I'm a bit busy now doing other things" "Bye now"

Honestly guys I was actually having a conversation with a craving this morning. I wasn't fighting it. I just watched it come and go. Magic!!

P.S. Think I'm losing it? hahahaha

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I really like your "OH" approach to cravings. I think it's more effective to address them directly than to try to hide from them. That's why I believe your "OH" is working well. Stay strong!


Thank you Beefree. It works for me so I thought I should share it with the family here. I see you are 5 weeks free. Wow.

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