5 weeks...feeling good

OK, so it has been 5 weeks of "not one puff ever" and I feel like I turned a corner in the last week. The cravings can still be intense at certain times of the day, but I am getting better at squashing that old me that would have rather sat and withered away, barely able to catch a breath.

I started a simple exercise program when I quit 4 weeks ago, just to get my heart rate up, breathe a little heavily, and not overdo it, and have kept it up for the 5 weeks and can really see the progress in my heart recovery time and breathing. I actually bought a pair of walking shoes last week...funny I thought all shoes were for walking! Anyway, its been a little too cold here in the States where I live, but looking forward to a morning routine of walking it off. Probably will even get me a little terrier pretty soon that can share those walks.

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  • Well done you! staying quit for 5 weeks and exercising thats brilliant. So glad your benefitting from quitting.

    Here is a new Tee shirt for when you go on your walks. :) xx


  • That's good news Schmicter, and congrats' on you being a 5 weeks winner. Walking apparently is one of the best exercises there is, and pleased for you that you have made progress in your heart recovery time and breathing.

    I'm sticking to deep breathing exercises at the mo' until I have sufficient energy to begin walking as an exercise, although after saying that, I walked round my block yesterday (about 600 meters) and found it quite easy. The deep breathing has made an amazing improvement to how I breathe and feel.

    Keep it up and we can soldier on together.

  • Great job on quitting for FIVE WEEKS and exercising! I am almost to the 5 wk mark, but am gaining a lot of weight. I am in the states too and it's been cold and too much snow. Can't wait until it's nice enough to throw the little one on my back and hike or run with her in the stroller. Are you using the gym or just doing things at home?

    I've gotta get going. Maybe now that I see others doing it I will too! I'm in Massachusetts and I should be used to this!

    Good luck and keep up the great work quitting AND exercising!

  • hi Thistime

    I just do exercise at home. At my age and fitness its pretty easy to get the heart rate up with calisthenics in the living room. Ive also gained some weight, live in Ohio and looking forward to getting out everyday. Maybe the walks will help lose a few of those pounds. Hang in there with the quit and you will enjoy the hikes with the little one.

  • Huge congrats Schmicter on your 5 weeks quit👏🏼👏🏼

    I think excersise is the best thing to help, so well done. I actually bought myself a fit bit this week to keep track of it🏃‍♀️

    So glad you've turned the corner and you're well on your way to a healthier future now🚭👍🏼😊

  • Hey Schmicter you have well and truly got this thing! Your motivation and focus are way up there! We want pictures of your little pooch when you get him/her! 😊🐕xx

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