Day 4

Have had a horrible day. Did not sleep well, woke up panging, went for a run in which I could only do 4kms when normally do 7, pang!, had breakfast pang, painted some furniture pang, lay in some sun pang, went for a walk more panging, had a bad lunch out with the family which got sent back to the kitchen only to come back as overlooked pang,pang,pang. Went home and fell asleep and woke up with massive stomach cramps and proceeded to sit on loo for the next hour with cravings.

I don't know how I have managed to carry on today and hope that things get better from here.


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  • Oh Marl what a day you have had. Things will get better ,your just going through a rough patch. Take it steady and easy until you feel well again. Your doing fine believe it or not. xx :)

  • 😱 what a day you've had indeed and through it all, you have not smoked🚭 great achievement👍🏼 feel proud for getting through it coz it takes a lot of determination to fight those cravings. For some reason day 4 is a horrible one😩 but looking ahead to day 5 it will be easier. Every time ya fight those cravings, it makes you a little bit stronger and seeing as you've had loads today, you'll be stronger for tomorrow. The worst is behind you, keep your eye on the prize and well done Marl🚭😊

  • Wow!! What a day you had and to stay smoke free certainly shows some strength. Every day is not like this, there will be better days ahead..stay strong as you are doing brilliantly...try the breathing exercises under the pinned posts, drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins.

    Keep got this 👍👍🚭🚭

  • Well I feel better now :-) sorry just thought I'd had a bad day until I read this :-) hang in there your doing great I have had a couple of realyl strong urges today first time since I quit :-( but we can beat this :-)

  • Yeah Sunday's can do that to you 😩

    Well you survived the day so that's another smoke free day ticked off😊

    Well done marl for getting through it....... Onwards and upwards 😊🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • well done marl on not caving in on your cravings😊 hopefully tomorrow will be easier for you!! I am 7 weeks quit and I find weekends are still really hard😢 but this group is great for supporting each other😊 keep up the good work!!

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