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Cravings suddenly?

Hi everyone, not sure why but this weekend and especially today my cravings to have a ciggie are very intense, I'm on week 6 and I've been coping well up until today, I've put my patch back on as went without for few days, been using my eciggie as replacement, now using both today as worried, I was contemplating actually buying a packet today which I havnt done but disappointed I even thought about it, why are the cravings so bad suddenly???

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Also been extremely irritable at work aswell x


Forgot to say irritable is just another side effect from quitting I'm afraid and that will pass as well :)

I'll send ya some soothing hugs to calm ya :) x



Hiya Sharon, sorry to hear cravings are intense but to put your mind at rest, it's quite normal to be plodding along nicely and then BANG out of the blue.......it hits you :(

This quit journey is a bit like a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs, so hang tight and it will pass :)

Remember you are doing great and don't be too disappointed you're thinking of cigs coz I still have days where I think of them :O

Mr nic doesn't give up too easily unfortunately, stay strong and keep fighting :) :) x


I will briar, I'm gonna put this down to a bad day and move on to tomorrow, thank you for all your kind words, I really do think I underestimated Mr nic! He won't win, I'm kicking him back in the dark hole where he belongs and hes not dragging me back there with him! X


Toooooo flippin right Sharon, you tell him to push off out of it :) :)

Sharon, like the others have said, we seem to get these hard times :( and I think a lot of it is, if your feeling a bit low in yourself, cos that mr nic's flippin crafty and knows exactly when to strike :o

So, perhaps pamper yourself :) get yourself a nice little treat to cheer you up a bit eh :) even if its some chocs, so you can sit down tonight with your feet up watching the box and do some well deserved munching :| :) :) xx


It must be a seasonal thing. I've had the odd urge over the past couple of days too. As far as the irritability goes Sharon, I think it's related to the feeling of being deprived.....but you're NOT deprived, you're FREE!

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Aup Roneo, its great to see you again pal :) and its lovely to see you helping other members :)

Yeah, your perhaps right about the feeling of being deprived, erm, that flippin mr nic works in mysterious ways :o But he knows what he is doing and when to do it :o thats the trouble !!

I'm well over 6 months quit now, but I tell you, he still has a flippin dig at me now and again :( but its no where as near as bad as when I first quit :)

Its not just the smokes we have to get rid of, its the habit tooo :o so, at certain times, in certain places, doing certain things, these click in our minds :o

If you think about it Roneo, we have been smoking for x amounts of Years, so its not going to go just like that eh :o Whish it flippin would though eh :D :D

You stick at it Ronio, cos your doing just great pal :)


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