hi everyone lovely evening  here in BOURNEMOUTH. Still off the cigs i'm pleased to say .Had a strange week nose bleeds, sores and my husband would say the worst part would be the wind lol. Anyway everything is going well and i have the faith that i am not going to go back to smoking, the only thing that would tempt me again would be alcohol its very tempting to go to the pub and sit outside on a nice night like this. NO im not strong enough for that yet ha ha

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  • Hi J, glad you're enjoying the fine weather and Bournemouth is a beautiful part of the country👍🏼

    Yep, keep the faith coz you're not going through the last 4 weeks again and poor hubby💨💨😂

    You've got a terrific quit going there and I agree, it's just too soon to introduce the alcohol yet😟

    Stay strong coz you're doing great, well done to you🚭😊

  • thank you  its replies like yours that keep me going strong

  • Aup J its lovely to hear from you :) it really is, cos your doing ever sooo well on your quit journey :) :) 

    Hmmm, Bournemouth brings back a lot of lovely childhood memories for me :) :) even when I was bed ridden for 3 days cos of sun burn !!!! The very lovely land Lady looked after me as in rubbing calamine lotion on my shoulders and back and fed me :) :) 

    Its a good 5 hours journey from where I live to Bournemouth and er-in-doors dont travel very well :o soooo havnt been their for some time :( :( 

    J, I know myself, in the early days of my quit, I just dernt go down to the pub !!!! cos most of my mates smoked :o and alcohol and smoking go hand in hand :o 

    J, please stand fast and be strong :) cos when your ready for a tipple, you will know :) :)   

  • Thank you for your advice.  I love BOURNEMOUTH and will never move again . Funny thing happened this morn my hubby was at the local car boot when someone told him all the heart problems come out once you give up smoking. I don't think he needed much encouragement and has come off the e cig and gone back to smoking. Asked me if i wanted one i had no interest what so ever, first time ever on cold turkey i can say that. 

  • WAYYYYYY HAYYYYYYY J I hope your proud of yourself cos I tell ya, am dead flippin PROUD of ya gal :) :) Am just loving your quit :) and isnt it great to be able to say NO to a ciggie :) :) I can remember when I first said NO I dont smoke any more to one of my mates and it gave me the greatest buzz ever, cos I new then, I was the flippin BOSS of my life and not flippin mr cig :) :) 

    As for hubby smoking again, dont be to hard on him eh :) try and get him to come on here and we will try to help him :) but he has to want to quit himself :o 

    Stay strong and focused J :) your doing just fantastic gal :) :) 

  • Hi J160, 

    It Sounds like you have got things pretty much under control...knowing your triggers is a great thing as you are aware and avoidance is often the best way until you are ready..you will know when the time is right😀😀👍👍

    Keep up the great quit you have going 😀😀🚭🚭👏👏


  • Hey j160 4 weeks already . Fantastic ,,, your doing great. Yeahh alcohol was a trigger for me too . I'm ok now , but took 8 weeks before I was strong enough. Steer clear for now safer. You have come so far  well done

    Hugs xx

  • Thanks Maddy family christening today lucky for me i am off to work, All that alcohol and food.  i was in the mindset can't smoke eat but that has calmed down now. using a health app and walked for 108 minutes this morn. Have a good day.

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