Cough morning noon and night

How long is it before your body starts feeling better. I have a sore nose inside and out, i have found i am coughing all the time trying to clear my throat. Im tired and crabby and i keep thinking if its going to feel like this i might as well smoke  i felt better before i stopped.  I know i don't really want one but i am just not seeing or feeling the benefits.

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  • Ahhh J how long did you smoke for ??? We have abused our bodies for years with over 4000+ toxins every cigarette. It's not going to be an overnight transformation but will take time for our bodies to get rid of all this crap out of our bodies. You need to give it time and be patient. There will come a time when you feel and see the benefits of quitting.

    Hang in there otherwise you will just carry on abusing your body. It's much better for your health to quit...... We are always just one cigarette away from developing serious illness, heart attack or worse! 

    Please don't smoke..... Just hold on, it will improve😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Hi j , for me it took 6 weeks, but everyone is different. I suffered mouth ulcers too, and believe me they have only just gone. It's a tough road, all this recovery lark :) , but worth it  :) so hold on in there you are doing Fantastic. Don't smoke , believe me you will regret it, felt like you many times , but you will get there in the end. For me it's the dark days I feel like am am missing it, but that's stupid who would miss cigs in their right mind when we know what they can do to us. We need to think positive . I am just starting to come out the other side at nearly 13 weeks!!!  And the wanting one is few and far between, So deep breathing, you will reap the benefits eventually take care Maddy


  • Hi J, I was like you 2 years ago and wondered why I bothered coz I felt worse😩 

    Fast forward 2 years and now I know I did the right thing. It's wasn't easy and it wasn't quick but I'm soooo glad I did.  You will be too, honestly. Keep going one day at a time and youll get there. It will all be worth it. You won't be a slave to nicotine and your freedom is priceless, hang in there🚭👍🏼😊

  • thank you all i know your right but the urge just gets to you sometimes 

  • Just hang in there - Mr Nic is very crafty, he will test your resolve. I dont know how long you smoked, but in my case, 26 years  of abuse, i had to be realistic about the recovery process.

    The alternative is much worse...

  • HI tictac  to my disgust 40 years i have smoked and i have had the heart attack and it still did not stop me.  Obviously this is not my first quit but some how going cold turkey does seem to be working for me until that little devil sits on my shoulder and says just have one . not going to get me this time .

  • Good luck, 3 weekd was the turning point for me, when i started feeling more in control

  • Hang on in there I'm week 9 now and starting to feel a little better everyday for me 4/6 weeks were the hardest .we are here to help xx🌼🌼

  • Thank you Bevie 

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