Chesty cough

In on week 5 and developed a bad cough which started a week ago, temp, general feeling very unwell, non productive cough, been docs to be told a virus and is in my upper tract, he also said due to the approximate time it is on my quit it is common to get very chesty, I'm very wheezy and ratterly now, and coughing all the time, does anyone have any suggestions to help with symptoms or has anyone else developed this? Xx

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  • try hot honey and lemon..... might help :)

    I never had a cough....

  • Thanks droopy, will try, I'm very wheezy aswell, hopefully just the virus and it goes soon xx

  • I've just searched thru old posts and found all my answers, all normal by the looks of it and lots of water needed and exercise helps get rid of rubbish on your lungs so when I'm feelingv little better will go for a brisk walk, one of my teeth snapped in half today just to top it all so looked that up also and found problems with gums and teeth are also normal, oh the joys of quitting but it will be worth it, might need a new body and set of dentures at the end tho lol

  • Aup Sharon, perhaps if I was to give you a massage, it would help with your chesty cough :o :D :D

    I think its time I wasnt here :| whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • He he Monky!!! Cheeky

  • Oh you poor thing, the cough is quite horrible isn't it? My chest was terrible for a couple of weeks but did sort itself out eventually. I hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks lily, feel like all I've done is moan lately, oh well as everyone says, it's worth it, I'm looking forward to turning into this beautiful creature they said would happen at some point feeling all healthy and lively!!! He he, let's hope it's soon eh?!!! How are you feeling today lily? Xx

  • Sharon, dont ever feel bad about coming on here to moan, we are all here to help you along the way and sometimes moaning or venting, just helps get through a moment and makes you feel better to get through the day or even hour...You come and moan vent yell and scream anytime ya feel the need :)

  • :) :) :) xx

  • I've been lucky not to have the cough but got a throat infection quite badly.....also really sore sinuses.....also and bleeding gums. Through all this I'm focusing on how it is my body trying to renew itself and purge itself of the bad things smoking has done to it. I'm certainly no doctor but the human body is amazing at how it tries to fix itself. Stick with it and you will be do much healthier and

  • Thanks sweetie, it's comforting to know I'm not alone with this, and yes it's our poor bodies trying to get rid of the rubbish, oh how we abuse our health when we were young and wonder why we have problems later on, but hey I reckon your right we will probably end up with a nice shiny clean re conditioned body!!! Lol

  • :) :) :) xx

  • Hope ya feel better soon :) :) x

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