Good morning day 29

Morning all saw my smoking councillor yesterday and she thinks I am over using my vapor ciggie and as I was on champix the two dont mix hence me feeling so crappy .. her opinion is if I am still taking nicotine in any form then I am still a smoker .. so need to stop the e ciggie which is gonna hurt

Anyways off too work for me hoping todays goes fast as I could really dk with me bed this no smoking melarky is ruddy exhausting !!

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  • Morning Michelle,

    Ok that makes a lot of sense, hang in there Gal & have a great, hopefully not too exhausting day :)


  • Hi Michelle hope you cope ok. As for being a smoker, I would class you as an ex smoker. There is always a bit of a stigma about smokers. Especially from those who have never smoked.

    Try have a good day. :)

  • What I meant to say was that the Champix/nicotine mix makes sense & making you feel groggy and of course, like Jilly says you are an ex smoker & which is why Jilly is an administrator & I'm not ;)

    Have a goodun


  • Hey Noonie, how you doing today hun :) you finished that painting yet... ;)

    I have a day off today as I am getting cavity wall insulation and my loft lagged............. and it aint costing me a penny, whoohoooo :)

    And NO Monky it's got nuffin to do wiv me age.......apparently the government are doing it for free so I am well pleased, however I did buy some loft lagging stuff about 3 months back and its still in its if any one wants it, your more than welcome to it :) :)

  • Hi Droopy,

    Painting finished for now, trying to make it a bit Feng Shui so need another colour before I'm happy with it, kitchen re-arranged, hoovering done, washing done & washing up done, no time to make a cake tho' :(

    And your lagging? Bet it still cost ya a few cups of tea ;)

    Hope you had a great day off


  • Hi Noonie, hope things are going ok with you today :)

    You did brilliant yesterday, so keep up the good work :) x

  • Hi Briar,

    Thanks for the kind words of motivation, coming to the end of my tobacco pack which has lasted me a week so far, nearly cracked today when I thought about buying some 'real' cigs but didn't & also my son starts 2 weeks hol's tomorrow (France) so a great time to quit totally.

    Think I must be a 'cut down' kinda person rather than total cold turkey.

    Hope you having a great day :)


  • What does her opinion count anyway :O .... you aint smoking cigarettes, you aint smoking.... simples :)

    I hope you fell better soon though hun and enjoy your day at work :)

  • Hiya Michelle, day 29 for you and no matter which way you look at it, it's a fantastic achievement, so well done you :)

    You're right about this smoking malarkey being exhausting but it's really worth it in the long run, so keep going coz your doing great :) x

  • Thanks I bloody hope so cos this driving me batty that light at the end of the tunnel best get a move on lol

  • Michelle, that light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and closer every day :) :) sooo, you flippin stick at it gal, your doing just fantastic :)

    Hmmm, by the way, this quitting sent me batty :o but am flippin proud to be a batty non smoker seeeeeee :) :D :D

    So you hold your head up high and feel proud of yourself :) :) then you can be batty :D :D

  • I ride my bike to work 5miles each way and clear my head to get over the smokes and it helps my lungs also exercise is the key to quitting i believe because when you're working out getting all of those nasty toxins out of your lungs and body you dont want to put them back in an waste al of the hard work you have done so far, My question to you is, is your life and health worth a cigarette they say (doctors) "The Next one could be the heart attack cigarette" so keep that in mind who knows when the Heart attack will come but dont gamble with it anyway :-)

  • That's a great tip Navyguy, it has been proven that exercise helps to overcome cravings. It also gives that 'feel good factor' boost :-)

    10 miles cycling each day... that's great :-)

  • Way to go Navyguy, 5 miles to work each day and you must be super fit, that's terrific :) x

  • Thanks guys .... struggling motivate myself to go to work today so damn tired even tho I slept well ... hope today is easier yesterday was a mixture of little panic attacks lots of deep breathing and shouting at myself but still no ciggies even though that niggly voice saying it will make it all better hope u all have a great day xxx

  • Hi Michelle, hopefully you don't have to work weekends so you can have a nice rest coz you really are doing fantastic :) x

  • Hey Michelle, I hope your day is going okay so far. Everything that you are feeling and going through at the moment are (although not very nice) a normal part of the process of stopping smoking. You are most definitely heading in the right direction, so try and see all this as a positive :-)

    Whichever way you choose to stop smoking, we'll all support you. You're doing brilliant so far :-)

    Noonie, cutting down to quit is another way to stop smoking - just try not to smoke 'more' of the fewer ones you are smoking - if that makes sense :o I think what I am trying to say is - don't take extra big puffs of your cigarettes to make up for the ones you are not smoking.... We can help you come through the other side at a pace to suit you ;-)

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