Addiction management

I’m a user research student recently working on a project to help people get free or low price treatment from psychologist and therapist to quit addictions.

Please take 5 minutes fill out the survey, or even help me to correct the questions. Your help will be very appreciated.

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  • Nothing happens when you go to click on the forms this should be in blue not black 

  • Hi, who are you doing this survey on behalf of? What is a user research student? And what country is this aimed at?


  • I think a bit more  explanation  of  who this  information goes to would help. 

    Also  the survey  does need to be accessible to members.

    Anyone wishing to look at the forms , if you  highlight the address and copy it , then paste into  your address bar this  should bring it up.  

  • Sorry but I am unable to get anything from your link.

  • Thanks monky...... I'm always a bit dubious about these things 😊

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