Getting close to having a cigarette

Help please.  I gave up smoking 2 and a half years ago.  Am going through crises in my life right now.  I am close to smoking again.  Please help  

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  • Lizzie, please please don't light up coz when we have a crisis we think we need a cig, I know coz I wanted one last night as my grandson fell face down and smashed his glasses into his face and I was looking after him. Had to bring him to hospital and all I really wanted was a cig. It's crazy it has such a hold on us, I'm sooo glad I didn't but I honestly felt like I could. You don't need one, like me you think you do. But you don't it won't solve anything. 

  • Thank you so much for your message.  I am in the process of losing my home and at the age of 64 don't know where I am going to live.  I am frightened, and alone, right now.  Don't know where to turn. x

  • Are you in U.K. If you are the local council may have a duty to house you. There's a free online assessment to help you work out what you're entitled to on I'll have a look round and see if there's anything else I can come up with x

  • Lizzie, your not alone, cos we are right with you gal and if you need to talk, then were here for you :) 

  • Oh Lizzie don't do it hun😟 You know that smoking is not going to help you, it's not going to sort out your situation for you 😟 But it will make you feel pretty crap, both mentally and physically, and will add to the despair that your currently feeling

    I'm sorry your in an awful situation, you can look up SHELTER and they can advise you too 

    Good luck hun 😊

  • Hello and thank you for all your brilliant advice and kindness.  I am grateful to you all on here. 

  • Hi Briarwood, really hope your grandson ok, and well done for staying strong and not smoking, but your so right, smoking doesn't solve anything.

    Also sending you cyber hugs as last night must have been a horrible experiance  xx

  • Aw thanks Mazzie, so kind of ya. He's only 5 and needed stitches close to his eye but he's doing ok.  Such a responsibility and I guess I'm dissapointed with myself for actually thinking I wanted a cig☹️ really appreciate the hugs and loving that you're doing great with your quit, big well done to you hun and keep going coz it's really worth it👍🏼😊x

  • Ahhh sis how frightening for your grandson and for you 😟 Glad he's ok though            And lucky he only had to have a few stitches.... Sending you both huggs and kisses xxxxoooo

  • Thanks sis, hugs and kisses always make us feel better👍🏼😊

    How ya diddling hun, haven't bin overdoing it on the apple cider vinegar I hope😉

  • Definitely not overdoing it on the vinegar😖

    Had an op yesterday so feeling a bit sorry for myself 😷🤕🤒

    Got to take it easy for a few days but was as sick as a dog thru the anesthetic 🤒

    Anyhoo how are you doing today😊

  • Oh nooooo, poor thing☹️ You just take it easy and if ya need any help, I'll send Monky round😂 You and anaesthetic do not go well together😢 Really sorry and hope you're gonna be good as new again so ya can get back driving that lovely new car💐 sending extra special healing hugs your way, take care💛 xx

  • Thanks sis.... Can't drive til the weekend😟 Mmm not sure if sending monky round will help with the healing process......

    Taxiiiiiii 😂😂😂

  • On second thoughts maybe you're right😉


  • My poor stitches can't take any more so I is off to my bed sis😂💤💤💤

    Notey note hun xx

  • Notey note hun, warm cuddly not too tight so I won't hurt your stitches hugs xx

  • Thanks sis😊 Sorry my battery died 😟

  • Please try some of the breathing techniques on here coz they honestly help and we say NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭 you have a terrific quit and you should be very proud of this. A cig won't make anything better, it will only make it worse. Our brain remembers what we used to do and now we DON'T do that anymore. I'm sorry it's such a dreadful time for you at the moment but you're not alone as there is a great support network here to help. Can you go for a walk to clear your head and I'll get back to you in a few minutes. Please stay with us🚭💐

  • Yes, will go for a walk around the block.  Hear from you soon. x

  • Lizzie, you are now the PROUD owner of a 30 month Winners badge :) sooooo, you cant flippin light up now cos you will have me to deal with seeeeeeee :o xx

  • Have you tried citizens advice as they have free online and free phone service and although I don't know personally but it's a starting point to put you in the right direction. I'm pretty sure other members will be along to offer their advice too. 

    Another thing to bear in mind is the cost of smoking and you don't want to burn your money and undo all the benefits of your great quit. So keep that chin up coz if you can quit for over 2 years, you're made of strong stuff. That took hard work and determination to stop, well done🚭🚭🚭🚭😊

  • Hi ya Lizziec1, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and WAYYYYYY HAYYYYYY  look at you, 2 and a half years quit :) :) thats just flippin ACE gal and I just cant fault you  :) :) 

    Rite, Lizzie, please, please dont go back to smoking again cos you will just hate yourself for it !! and it wont take the crises away will it :o Go thump a pillow, scream out loud, go for a brisk walk, anything but light up again gal :) 

    Please like our lovely Briarwood has said, have a look at the Pinned posts to the right of your post, the 5 minute craving busters and the breathing exercises especially  :) Lizzie if your on a mobile device, then just scroll down from here and you will find them :) 

    Pete :) xx

  • Hi Lizzie , you have done fantastic , and you will only regret it. Have you tried the council if in uk we have so many houses which are allocated to people who are in crisis. Have you any existing health problems, try social services if so. Citizen Advice are also helpful. Please don't give in, deep breathing and try and sort a plan on how to move forward,  easier said than done I can hear you say . I really feel for you and can totally understand why you think a cig will help, but it won't, I know how you feel in that retrospect , we all have felt that it will make us feel good at one time or another, and from my past experience I only felt guilty. We are here for you

    Sending Hugs and prayers your way xxx

  • Thank you so much.  I am the only one who can sort this out, but sometimes its tough alone.  Yes, you are right. Would just be beating myself up even more  if I lit up.  OMG this is hard. But thank you for being there.  Will be glad when today is over. xx

  • Hi Lizzie, I hope the worst is over now but please, no matter what life throws at you don't light up. Contrary to popular belief nicotine actually increases stress rather than relieving it and whatever you are going through will be added to as you'll then feel bad about smoking. Keep strong and remember why you quit in the first place x

  • How sensible you all are.  I quit because GP said if I didn't it was most likely I would die of some smoke related disease, i.e. COPD, Lung Cancer Bowel Cancer, etc etc.  So thank you for reminding me. x

  • Lizzie I can't add to anything that other members have already posted to you. I am so sorry that you are going through this crisis I really am. I hope you don't think I am being nosey but are you working at the moment / have you worked in the past? Some professions help out in situations like this and can provide emergency funds housing . I dont know if this might apply to you but was just a thought I had. 

    Stay strong..... Deep breathing any of the 5 minute craving busters. We are all here for you xx

  • Hi Lizzie, really feel for you at the moment and what you’re going through, hope some of the advice offered so far is/will proving useful, remember nothing lasts forever and all things come to pass as will this particularly bad time and become a memory

    Sending virtual hugs and good wishes xx

  • Thank you 4cats etc.  Yes, I have worked in the past and no you aren't being nosey.xx

  • Hi lizziec1,

    I don't know if you had the cigarette (or more) that you were craving seven hours ago but if you have, please don't beat yourself up!

    Just throw the pack away and know that hurting yourself will NOT change your current situation.

    Please consider slapping on an NRT patch or buying NRT lozenges to help with future, unexpected crises.

    Sometimes, even those "aids", however, aren't enough when we are determined to hurt ourselves. Trust me: I know.

    I've only been quit for 4 1/2 months, have diagnosed stage 1 emphysema, and STILL crave a cigarette when feeling overwhlemed.

    Please let us all know how you are doing.

  • No, I didn't have the cigarette.  Wise advice from you.  Thank you.  Think I will get some NRT stuff tomorrow to help me through this tough time.  Cant believe that after 2 and a half years the old El Nico comes back to torture me.  Am sorry to hear you have Emphysema and hope you manage to keep off the weed.  You are doing well at 4.5 months.  I recall that being a difficult time too!!.  Take care. 

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