I just wanna say this site is fantastic for quitters it's nice to know we have somewhere to turn and chat when that craving gets a little difficult.

I can't believe I've gone from over 19 cigs a day to nothing in 3 days cold turkey I'm proud of myself and proud of others who have taken the same step to quit as ct Deffo not that easy at times.

I've got to the smell of cigs or nic does my head in and makes me feel sick so Deffo going in the right direction 😊

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  • Hiya Andy, yep it's a good sign when the smell sickens you😉

    You keep going in the right direction and be very proud, well done👍🏼

    I agree this site is fantastic and although it's not easy, it really is worth it😊x

  • Am flippin looooooving it Andy just loooooving it :) :) :) you keep focused and in the same frame of mind, cos your getting their :) :)

    YES, you feel PROUD of yourself, cos I am sooooo proud of ya :) :) Andy, I hope your saving the pennies that you would have spent on the flippin cigs :) cos when you get to a Week quit, then you crack that piggy bank open and gooooo treat yourself to something really nice :) cos you deserve it :) :) :)

  • Thank u monky gonna save for a tattoo to be done after the 6 month mark as the longest I've ever stopped so once I got past that barrier going to mark the occasion 😊

  • You seam to have it all under control Andy :) ermmm, how flippin much are tattoo's now days then :o cos just done a quick reckoner on you were smoking 20 a day @ £8.00 a pack for 6 months and it comes out at about £1.344 :o flippin WOWWWWWWW :) :)

    Your going to have one hell of a BIG tattoo there pal :) :D :D

  • About £90 lol could be a little more whatever's left will treat on my kids

  • Andy, our lovely Lilymay, ''below'' :) :) had part of her tattoo done a bit a go and she posted a pic of it, it is a flippin beauty :) :)

    Maybe if you ask her, she just may repost it for ya ta have a look :) :)

  • Ooh that's a great thing to do !! I'm one whole day session away from having my whole back finished thanks to not smoking 😁 good luck and keep up the great work x

  • Au LilyMay, its flippin great to see ya gal :) :)

    I thought your tattoo was finished :o gosh gal, it looked a beauty before :) :) what does it look like now :o :|

    LilyMay, I want a pic of it when its finished see, or I'll, I'll, I'll, ermmm, well I will see :P :D :D :D

    You take care now Lily and see's ya soon hopefully :) :) xx

  • If I knew how to add a pic I'd show you 😄 it's so pretty and I love it x

  • Good .... That's a good sign...

  • you are doing fantastic Andy :) :)

    Keep up the great quit you got going :) :)

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