Took a drag last week

I was feeling froggy last week and thought that I'd test myself (yes, I know this is probably a bad idea 2 months in but I do crazy things just for kicks lol). A friend of mine just recently switched to an e-cig but was having an extremely stressful day and bought a pack of smokes. I told her that I wanted to take a drag to see how nasty they were now. No nic fit, no craving or anything whatsoever but to "drive it home" so to speak. She tried to hand me a whole one and I said "oooooh no, I just want 1 hit. I'm not relapsing here!".

***Note, I am not advocating nor advising that you do this!!! Just sharing what I learned so if anyone else gets a wild hair up their rear as I did they don't have to touch it!***

Well, she lit it up and passed it to me... I'll be darned if that wasn't the nastiest thing that I've ever put in my mouth! Needless to say, I'm even more glad that I quit after that. The whole "appeal" is gone for me as I was one of those that enjoyed the taste. I really did, even bought expensive handrolling tobacco (Halfzware shag as it's known in the states) at 32 bucks a can (roughly 9 oz I believe) because of the flavor. But now, not even my rose-colored glasses can tempt me to return to (as I call it) the dark side.

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  • Wow Gibbers that was a bit scary lol. I bet you were really really glad that you hated it, imagine if you had actually enjoyed it eeeekk. It's worked for you though and has totally made your mind up that you will never go back. :D keep going and stay strong :) :)

  • Even if I enjoyed it, I don't know if I could continue back on that path. It certainly did reinforce my "I've got this" attitude, seeing that there really was nothing positive to go back to. I've spent nearly $400 on vape gear and will break even in a week. I'm not about to throw everything that I've gained (senses of smell, taste and breathing better) away as well as that much money lol. Also, I made a deal with myself. When one of my favorite bands comes to this side of the Atlantic again (bullet for my valentine), if I have stayed off of analogs I'm going to see them no ifs, ands or buts! 1,144 analogs avoided ^_^, just looking at this app makes me happy :)

  • :) :)

  • I'm glad you hated it,I can't even stand the smell of it anymore.I admire your attitude 'just for the heck of it' does sometimes work.Stay off that expensive baccy and away from the 'dark side' just so not worth it.That 4 week badge sure does sparkle.Hugs H x

  • Hey Gibbers your one brave person..... I certainly couldn't have done it :( I still love the smell of it when I walk pass someone smoking.......... however I hate the smell of someone that has just had a cig - v bizarre

    You must be ready for your 2 month badge by now eh????? :D :D

  • Most certainly am ready! I can't stand the smell of smoke anymore, I feel hypocritical saying that people shouldn't smoke in public but I wouldn't complain if they didn't lol. Every now and then I get a bit too cocky for my own good, this could have very well been one of those moments in retrospect. I was confident that I wouldn't have liked it but now that I think about it, that could have turned out very badly. Curse my spontaneity!

  • when are you 2 months smoke free Gibbers?

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