It's hard

My god I feel so ill ,keep thinking if I hadn't quit wouldn't feel like this got no motivation no sex drive feel fat and so bloody teary sometimes wish I hadn't started this journey I don't feel like me anymore keeping thinking just have one see how I feel but can not be bothered to go and get them deep inside something is saying it will pass but how long is there anything I can do to help ,could do with my quit family someone please tell me this will stop got worse not better 😢😢😢😢

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  • Aw Bevie, I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling but think of what your daughter said to you about burning money☹️ You can be proud of yourself for getting through 6 weeks hun🚭🚭🚭 yes it's hard at the moment and we do understand that but honestly it will get better. Having a cig won't make ya feel any better, it'll make ya feel worse😩 Do NOT go to the shop for em please. It's very emotional alright but it'll settle down I promise. How much money ya saved??? And what are you going to treat yourself to???

  • Saved over 200 hoping to save for a run around don't no if it's the champix making me feel worse promise have not brought any and hubby smokes roll ups not touched it just feel confused as to whom I am wouldn't no started smoking at 13 must be something in me not wanting to smoke can feel it ,really don't want to give in ,just drinking lots of water and my dad told me he was proud of me and he doesnt offend give praise going to drink plenty of water tonight thank you for your reply xx

  • the side effects they tell on tv about that drug--Id be wary--but That's just me-

  • Bevie, champix is an excellent form of NRT, it really does work well :) 

    If you are 7 weeks quit now, then you have been taking it for about 9 weeks, soooooo, please stick to it and finish the 12 week course, cos when I used it, I got cocky and cut it short !!!!! bad mistake !!!!! cos within a week, I was smoking again !!!!! 

    So please, please, stick to the full course if you can :) :) 

  • Hello Mr. Monky

  • I will stick to it I made that mistake last time and stopped taking them like you said big mistake 

  • I feel exactly the same.

    You get to a point that you think it would be so much easier to smoke. 

    Yes all this crap would disappear and we would have that satisfaction for a couple of minutes. And then we would think that was exactly what I have been wanting for all these weeks. Then we would pat our selves on the back saying we have fixed it.

    Have we?

    No..... Mr nic has got us again.

    It is such a long journey to rid us of this killer.

    But I know how you feel.

    I could pick up a fag and smoke it in an instant.

    But...... Why have I gone through all these weeks of torture to give in now.

    No, no ,no I am not playing this game any more. I am not starting this journey again. I have done it too many times before.

    NOPE..... Is so true

    Hope you can come through the this.

    Teric X

    Ps don't even go there with the sex 

  • Lol sex forget it no interest 😅😅😅 I do not want to go back to the beginning I no it's my body repairing it's self ,I don't want to smoke just wish I didn't feel like I do slept most of today not a bad thing glad I've got this week off work ,we can do this because we will get better xx

  • Yes we can do this 


  • Yes ya can both do it, stay determined and stay close to this site and well done both of you🚭🚭🚭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊

  • When the tish hits the fan and the tears fall and all you want is a cig do this one thing..... ask yourself what has smoking ever given me... really given me..... if you are honest with yourself the answer is nothing.  All the horrid feelings and cravings are the death throws of nicotine. You are a winner. Oh and as for sex..... well so much energy is going into NOPE that sex can be put on hold!!!! sending you a mahoosive hug xx

  • Teric, I'm just loving your reply to Bevie and thankyou very much for taking the time and trouble to reply to her :) :) 

    Thanking you again :) xx

  • Bevie your 6 week achievement is amazing. This journey is hard but I know you can dig deeper and stay free of the fag menace. I am starting to experience the associated problems as well but I keep telling myself I don't need a cig. always want one but a want is not a need.  Think about what you are going to treat yourself to with your saved cash - I have selected something I would like now but know i won't achieve if I light up again. I know all on this site are with you and are rooting for you. Good luck Bevie - DIG DIG DIG DEEP.

  • Thank dontdothisagain taken some pain killers feeling ok it's like someone giving me a hug being in the group would never have got this far without everyone it's just so weird hubby still smoking but I'm not bothered,has his baccie about all the time not once tempted ,so I'm so proud that I haven't ,just going thou the rough part get though this hope to start feeling the benefits from stopping ,well done on your 2 weeks x

  • I finished my course of champix on Friday, it's hard when you hit the half way mark and I felt just like you...hang on in there Hun gets better. X

  • Thank you nociggy be glad when I get to the end of the course 

  • You are doing so well with 6 weeks, honestly it will get better and every thing in time will pass, however it took me nearly a year to feel like me. I was at the doctors once a week for 6 months with something .But it's been well worth it in a strange way, my brother can give up for months even has for years and start up again with nothing I on the other hand was so ill that's what's stopped me from lightening up again as I can't and don't want to go through any of it again. just keep saving and buy something special to you. I still miss it and have times where I want to buy 10 but I don't as I can't go through it again, i can nolonger stand the smell.😀

  • Angeline--im in 5 months and im figuring about a year to really getting clean from this toxic wasteland Ive turned my lungs into--so that is about what it has been for you?? I wish I could stop this unsychronized freaky breathing stuff--it is the weirdest symptom Ive had yet and as you know there are many--Nice meeting you--xx MmeT

  • Yes was about a year for me to feel any way near that I did when I was smoker, my worst ever for me was the thelm constant like I had a lump in my throat that couldn't get cleared didn't matter what I done was always there and my mouth was forever filling up with water so I was swoallowing all the time , like your breathing and it was always there apart from when I slept!! Or eating so I eat a lot now I've got a role of bloody fat that hangs over.. 

    Stick with it your more than half way 

  • Bevie-It wont get worse--it just will change--I am at 5 mos--and I still get crying spells and feel empty-get scratchy lungs,get tired,dont know how to breathe-but good stuff will start creepin in and it will help to offset the bad--and then there is more good than bad--That's where I am--im just starting to see the fruits of my labor--You know sometimes you have to lose yourself--to find yourself--the real authentic you--which has been buried under tar,smoke and toxins--I know that sounds tough but it is true--If you have to cry your way thru some of it,its ok--it hurts.. I  feel -Im probably getting off easy and my body  is very forgiving--53 years of smoking and if I have to suffer 6 months or a year to feel what normal is--that's not such a high price--Just remember that bad stuff comes and goes--It doesn't come and just stay -As bad as you feel you will have days just as good--Just don't look back and keep on going--Don't let this drug terrorize you into using again... Beat it--Get mad-cry,come here and say I feel awful--just don't smoke--Give yourself time--and be patient.. It will come-I know its hard,believe me... But time is a great healer and it is at work even though you feel like you are out on a raft alone--you aren't--there are so many of us on an unknown sea--We have to be conscious-to learn--and trust me--Im not ever going thru this thing again....  Hang on --iT will be ok--If I didn't believe it--after all the years I dedicated to smoking(over half a century) why would I quit?? My breathing tests are fine--whats to stop me from continuing?--I simply don't want to be an addict/slave anymore and see what it is like to be clean of this garbage-Keep going Bevie--Get well and help others--THAT is worth yout time and suffering--Love and big hugs--MmeT

  • Thank you xx

  • oh there you are--Im sorry if I went on so... I thought id say it a few different ways to make sure you heard me--are you ok Bevie?? MmeT

  • Thank you for taking the time I'm ok just getting used to this healing feeling I no it's all good or will be in the end not come this far to go back to day one because I know there will never be another day one x

  • and a fine job you are doing Bevie--Hugs MmeT

  • Bevie, Bevie, please do not go to that shop !!!!!  

    Your 7 whole weeks quit tomorrow, YIPPYYYYYY FLIPPINNNNN DIPPYYYYYYY DOOOOOOOOO, I am so so PROUD of you Bevie :) :) :) 

    I see you've had lots of support, excellent support too :) :) and I am just flippin loving it :) :) That flippin mr nic strikes when he thinks your down, cos this is your weak time :o  Sooooo when these times happen, you stand up and hold your head up ''high'' and tell him to go and do one over a cliff cos YOUR THE BOSS NOW and he's the wimp !!! 

    Bev, like you have said, you just DONT want to go through this again, sooooo, stick to your guns and flippin FIGHT for your freedom :) :) We are all different, our bodies and minds are all different, therefore we all have different times of recovery :o so please please be patient and your's will come soon :) :)  

    As for the sex drive, that will come back to you as well, cos mine has, in abundance, but the only thing is, er-in-doors always got a flippin headache !!! but thats life eh he he he :) 

    Bev, dont be hard on yourself eh :)

    Sending ya warm, cuddly,  keep focused huggs from Quit Support :) :) 

  • Thank you monky I no I can do this x

  • Aww bevie, I really feel for you.

    Please don't beat your self up like this. _ you my dear are doing brilliantly....this journey is hard, but honestly it is so worth it.😀

    7 weeks is just a fantastic effort - try and look for the positives- things like sense of smell and taste, better skin and hair - not stinkin like an ashtray 😀😀😀,hang in there and stay strong...remind yourself how far you have come 😀😀😀😀 keep this site nice and close - we are here for you 😀😀🚭🚭🚭❤️❤️

  • I thought my hair and skin was looking better--you really think that is part of the reward of quitting Linda?/ That's terrific--Thought I was delusional--

  • Big Hugs to you Bevie, you have done Fantastic, please hold on . You would be very disappointed in yourself if you gave in. You have done amazing. It's a tough road, I know had a few ups and downs and wanting a cig myself the last few days, but will not give in, nor will you. We have come so far. The good days will come and the bad days will be fewer :) we stick together and we will beat this. Xxx

  • Oh bevie what a great quit but what crap symptoms..... It does get better I promise, you just gotta hang in there. Quitting ain't easy but going back on them won't help you lose weight (tried and tested that urban myth), won't stop you crying (coz your gonna have to go through it all again and that's enough to make anyone cry), probably won't motivate you either for the same reasons!! 

    But if you do take a puff I guarantee you will feel guilty & you will have incredibly sore ankles ..... From kicking yourself!! 🤔😟

    Sooooo go and light a few candles and have a long soak in the bath, it will make you feel better about yourself 😊😊💛

  • Hi Bevie I totally understand your pain. I think of it as u have to kiss a lot of frogs before you can recognise your prince?? Well quitting is very similar the frogs are the physical and mental withdrawals as without them there would be no motivation to continue as none of us want to start back at week one. The prince is one day waking up with no pain whatsoever. Cigarettes are like the worst relationship ever and like all bad breakups needs time to heal 😇Keep strong xx

  • Aww Bevie, i dont like your post :( it makes me sad! i can promise you it will get better, stay strong and you will feel like yourself again. i cant promise you how long it will take but when it happens you will feel awesome and better than you have in years! 

    Stay strong and keep our site close xxxxxx 

  • It takes some of us months for certain withdrawal symptoms to subside. And, if you do slip, don't take that as a sign of failure. Get up, walk around, do the dishes, wash your face.....anything, to keep busy and not light up. 

    Remember, your subconscious will tell your brain to make your body do all kinds of things just to light up again. You may get stomach pains. Headaches. Joint pains. Anxiety. Hunger pains. Crying. Etc. And, at 5 months, I still get odd things happening. I used Chantix though. It takes at least 10 weeks for the pleasure receptors in the brain to turn around as the nicotine was taking it's place and now your brain must make those on it's own. 

    I am having trouble getting off the Chantix, because even if I just cut down to one per day, I begin to get a slight craving so doctor said to stay on it longer.

    I DO feel better about the none smoking! Just knowing I am not hurting my lungs further. I know what it feels like to not be able to breath, like when I get an exacerbation! I no longer have to feel guilty I am still smoking. I only feel guilt about not having quit sooner.

    It DOES get better with time. I think we have all mentioned that on here.

    I hope I have helped in some way.........

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