2 Days in... Exhausted

Hi everyone.. :)

Well, where do I start? Quit smoking 2 days ago with help from Champix and Nicorette QuickMist. My quit date was April 1 but decided to just stop when I stopped feeling like cigarettes. Ran out and decided to just not buy another pack..

Two days in (feels like forever) and I am so incredibly sluggish, lethargic and unmotivated. The time has slowed down to a halt and when I'm at work I have work to do but for the life of me cannot bring myself to do it.

I exercise for a few hours each night and try to motivate myself but it's just not happening. I so badly want a smoke but I refuse as then I'll never quit!

People say the withdraws peak around the 3rd day and last for several weeks.. How do I deal with this when it is only day two?

I feel worse then when I smoked and can't bring myself to even be bothered moving.. Did or does anyone else feel this way?

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  • Oh and the Nicorette QuickMist gives me indigestion and hiccups which is making me feel even worse!!

  • Welcome somone

    The others have given you some great advice...Hang in there and believe in yourself..You have to really want this and stay strong..

    It does get easier :) :)

  • It is interesting that the manufacturers of this product keep advertising it to be sprayed directly in the throat...which is the main cause of the indigestion (nicotine is not absorbed though the stomach and hiccups. I have personally spoken to one of their Reps to for an amendment to be made to the method of usage. Try angling it towards the inside cheek area in your mouth when you spray it and don't swallow immediately. You can use one or 2 sprays...all make sure you have a proper spraying effect and not droplets when you are using the product. Let me know how you get on.

  • Thank you :) I will give that a go. I tried spraying it under my tongue but that seemed to make me cough it all up. I also don't swallow immediately but will definitely try the inside of my cheek method.

    Worried I'll become addicted to it though as if it wasn't for the spray I would have probably grabbed a smoke and smoked it.

  • I quit using champix,I am on my last 16 days of the 12 week course ,it gets easier,just hang on in there ,you can do it x

  • I quit on my seventh day, probably too soon but I ran out of smokes and it felt right.. I feel because I'm not smoking that champix is not doing anything. If I smoked still I would feel the effect. How long have you been not smoking for?

  • Good morning. I am afraid I will have to be brutal with you.... please change your mind set. You really have to want to do this...... think of the benefits, your health is number one priority.... get yourself a jar/money box and start putting the cig money in there... think of what you can do with the money.... join the gym, book a holiday. I am trying to find a meditation class in my area so I can switch off the thoughts about having a cigarette. Of course its not a walk in the park.... that's another thing you could do. The list is endless... just get up and do something... POSITIVE THINKING... good luck and keeping talking to all us for help and support.

  • I am trying to have the right mind set. I have listed a whole heap of reasons to quit and reasons to keep smoking. I am rewarding myself this weekend with the $50 I've saved so far. Know there are things I want to do and as a smoker can't do. I have started exercising daily. I just feel that I will always feel like this, always think about it, the days will always drag and I'll always be snappy.

  • Hi Simone:) my names Pete, your in a very early stage of your quit journey and I think most of us felt the same as you do now :o 

    Simone, I see your using champix to help you :) this is excellent :) :) :) BUT BUT :o it takes a few days to reach your nicotine receptors in your brain :o soooo, please be patient eh :) :) and at day 2, you wont be taking the full amount of it yet :o 

    I am just flippin looooving the way your going to treat yourself this weekend :) :) cos this helps you more than you think :o it gets logged into your brain that if you dont smoke, you get a reward :) :) and the more you do it, the more it gets logged in :) :) if you see what I mean :) 

    I see you've had lots and lots of help and advice from our lovely members on here :) :) This is a lovely supportive community Simone :) :) with lovely members who have been where you are now :) :) so we all know how hard it is :o 

    Quickmist spray :o you could always try spraying it on the back of your hand, then lick it off :) orrrrrr, spray it onto a clean finger end, not one you've just picked your nose with :P :P :D :D :D then just dab it into your upper gum :) DO NOT RUB IT IN cos this may coarse  a burning feeling :o 

    Simone, I'm very PROUD of you :) :) and I hope you are very proud of yourself :) :) cos normally, it would be at least a week before the champix starts to work :) so really, your going it cold turkey at the moment eh :) :) :) 

    Please keep intouch with us Simone :) :) and if you need any help or just want a chat, then please feel free to do so :) :) 

    Good luck :) :)

    Pete :) xx

  • you are great pete!!

  • Simone listen to me--YOU WONT_-The addiction takes on a mind of its own--It perpetuates itself and lies to you--Always is a long time--you think any of us would still be here and clean if we were in total hell all the time--You seem on the fence--part of the anxiety is should you or shouldn't you because you want one--- well you know it is time or you wouldn't be trippin on doin it--Get on with it--Im not trying to be tough on you--maybe a little but more like a little tough love and a big nudge--Quit thinking what if and get thru today----Get these filthy things out of your life and live and breathe the good fresh air-Your lungs will thank you--and you can help someone else who is hurting like you now--wouldnt that be wonderful? Now get going,somone is waiting just for you ----Blessings, MmeT

  • HI Simone, I look at the being "snappy days" as another day I have won and got pass the need and want to smoke. I also now don't apologise for being snappy as I think that is me just being assertive lol well that's my reasoning. I went "cold turkey" its the only way I could do it, but everyone is different and we all need help in different ways.  I now have a wish list and Im determined to achieve a lot on my list. I have one negative aspect and that is I am eating way too much. That will have to be another thing I have to deal with and overcome. Keep positive and smiling. I am thinking of you. Joanne.

  • Hi simon welcome, and you have made the. Best descision for your health:) your in the hardest week. Withdrawel symptoms are different for all of us. The tiredness appears to hit straight away, it did with me, but will pass. Read some of the pinned post on the right , very helpful. You can do this :). I will be honest it's not easy and certainly a roller coaster with your emotions, but it does get easier. Hang on in there. pop on site when your feeling low , happy or strugglingfor a chat these fab people all know how you feel and what you are going through. Stay strong , and well done :)

  • Hi simone and welcome😊

    Congratulations on making the best decision for your life.....😊 As the others have said, it ain't easy but just take it minute by minute, hour by hour

    The withdrawal symptoms ain't great but we have abused our bodies for sooo long that they need time to repair.... And like each quit, each body is different so some suffer more than others 😟

    As maddy has said, read the pinned posts. We have a few people on here that have quit with champix and I know monky would be saying to you to finish the course (otherwise you could fall off the wagon 😟). As to the hiccups with the mist, not sure on that but am sure that someone will be on who has first hand knowledge 😊

    Jaffa is right, save the money it really does add up but be sure to plan a nice treat for yourself at the end of your first week.... Give yourself something to look forward to😊

    Your doing really well and it will get easier but keep this site nice and close, we will give you all the support we can 😊🍀🍀🍀

    Remember NOPE.....Not One Puff Ever 🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Goodmorning droopyj☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

    Hope your day is a good one 5:30am🇨🇦❤️

  • Morning Arizona 😊 Just off to meet my friend for lunch over at Greenwich.... Noodles today probably followed by cake.... Have a good one hun and hope you feel better 😊😊

  • Mmmmm Vietnamese noodle soup???

  • SOUP?? That's for when yr sick....😷

  • 😂😂😂 Poe soup " Vietnamese noodle soup" very filling and a HUGE bowl🍜 ( and cake)🍰🍰🍰

  • Na had chicken and noodles which was huge and couldn't actually finish it.... Bit of DIY shopping for paint then back to mine for coffee and hot cross buns 😊😊👍👍

  • Omg I'm with you on this mind u no mists for me just champix yesterday all I wanted was a smoke my god was I a grump, but i didn't give in and today don't feel as bad ,I find humming helps when I really want a fag,saving the money wow after nearly a month I have over 150 pound,keep going I have had good and bad days people on here are brilliant at helping

  • Wow bevie that's a huge amount saved and a great quit you got going on 😊

    Makes you wonder how you ever afforded to smoke....!

    What you got planned for your savings? I went to Vietnam for 3 weeks with mine during my first year... It was fantastic and I ticked one off my bucket list😊

  • Hi droopyj😊

    My cousin has been in Vietnam and Cambodia travelling with his buddies for two months now !!! They're just lovin' it ...one more month to go travelling and then back to school and work🇨🇦

  • Would highly recommend it😊

  • I've decorated my living room and had a new floor laid in the kitchen with the money I saved ,I'm now onto new Fencing in the garden 😁 I quit 2 month ago today using just champix . .

  • A corner suite not very exciting but it's what I want lol others times I've quit I've given in at the stage I reached yesterday but not thus time

  • Do you mean bathroom or sofa😊😊

    It doesn't matter what we spend our money on, it means that we now have money to spend on what we like. Which is a fantastic feeling 😊😊

  • Lol a sofa wanted one for years but as we all no o to well spare cash went on fags but not any more 

  • Oooooh very posh bevie...... And how lovely that you get a nice smelling reminder every time you put your touche on it 😊😊

  • Hi Simone, no it's not easy but it gets easier and easier if you stick it out. This isn't professional advice but it seems to help if you can fixate on something else. Some people eat more so put on weight (not so desirable). Some people go into a fit if cleaning. Find your thing and get through the next week or two that way. You will feel like crap but that's only 'the crap' leaving your body. Keep on this site and we will get you through.

    ps......I got into flavoured tea...worked for me

  • Good to see you Rozi,

    I have just started experiment with flavored tea.. I have always been a coffee gal but lately am loving the tea..my favourite has to be the licorice and spearmint one..yummo :) :)

  • Try the buttermint (tastes like Murray Mints) and the salted caramel. Yum

  • not seen those here in Aussie...what brand are they..may look online :)

  • Twinings do em.......they have a great website. Hope they ship to Aus....sure they would

  • we get twinings tea here ...just not seen those flavors here,

    all the flavours i have are by twinings :) :) ..there is hope :) :)

    I am really enjoying them :)

  • They are under the green teabag section on the uk website.  There's also cherry bakewell and fudge.......haven't tried those yet but sounds delicious 

  • Mmmmmm sounds good... Buttermint... Will try and find it here🇨🇦

    Yaaaay 26 months🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • I think I figured out last night that exercise helps! Did like 3 hours worth last night :/ Just stuck when I'm at work as I sit on the computer bored.

  • hey, well done. hour by hour and it does get easier. I started to count the number of cigs I wasn't having and would feel good about that. I have now NOT smoked 23 packets of drum tobacco which feels amazing.

    I also imagine my lungs black and each hour imagine using a rubber and making a clear space. everymorning when i cough tar out i rub out more space. (each to iur own for imagery!)

    Im starting to own by body again.

    good luck ;-)

  • Love your reply Firecrow about owning your body👍🏻🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟☀️

  • Stick with it. My side effects didn't peak on the 3rd day. Could be the effects of the Champix as well. I had disturbed sleep and bad dreams it lasted weeks. People on here helped such a lot with their support. I have not smoked for almost two years. Hang in there. As they say all things pass.

  • Whoohoo yorkiepam look at you with your shiny 20 month badge 😊😊 how you been diddling hun😊

  • Hello. I am fine, trying to deal with my weight now. Can't believe I didn't stop smoking years before I did. Tried many times but failed. So pleased I managed it in the end. Hope you are ok.

  • Hi yorkiepam, lovely to see you and wearing a terrific 20 month badge🎈🎉🎊 well done to you👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊

  • I think losing weight is going to be harder than quitting 😟

  • It is I have lost 2 and a half stone but it has taken me over a year.  I seem to have come to a standstill for the last few weeks.  Tempting to think 'oh I might as well stop trying'.  Doing my best to keep on keeping on.

  • hiya yorkiepam - good to see you..loving the 20 month badge :) :) I remember you and i joined around the same time :) :)

    It is great to see you still going strong and thanks for popping in..this really does help the new members :) :)

  • I know how much other members helped me. If it hadn't been for them I would have given in when I was having nightmares. Thanks for all your help.

  • Stopping smoking is a journey...some would liken it to climbing up a tall steep mountain; the climb is hard...most would need the support of others (stop smoking advisors and friends) some would need stronger ropes and hooks to ensure sure footing ( Stop Smoking Medications)...but for those who do not give up despite the challenges - they gain strength and momentum as they get near the peak of the mountain. A day at a time, one step after the other...O what great joy and deserving of commendation when they reach the peak of the mountain and plant their flag...declaring " I came, I saw and I conquered". Hang on in their simonetenia...get extra support if you need it...believe me being free of tobacco addiction and dependency is worth it. . Good luck and best wishes.

  • Loving your reply smilingpreacher☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🇨🇦

  • Hi Simonetania,

    Stick with it, your doing fab, I and the rest of us totally know how you feel, personally I just took each day as it came and plodded through thinking of other ways to occupy my time, first 3-4 weeks are the worst but does get easier not that this makes it any easier for you just now, just try and keep yourself motivated and stay strong 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • quit two days ago too, reading the comments and shared experiences is really helping. Looking at those 4 weeks badges with some envy...

  • Welcome tictac💐

    You'll wear the one month badge as well Time flys.... Just hang in there and know your withdrawal symptoms are normal and will go away ...... the first month is HARD...... Keep us close and write your reason down why you need to stop smoking for reference when Nr Nic comes calling...

    Love and best wishes from 🇨🇦

  • Hi Simonetania, first of all well done on making the best decision for your health... ever! :-)

    Welcome aboard to Quit Support, you can see already that everyone is here to cheer you on :-)

    You've chosen two great products and providing you use the properly and for the full course of treatment, then you'll be grand.

    By reading through everyone's supportive comments already, you may now be realising that how you are feeling is pretty normal at this stage :-)

    With regards to the hiccuping and indigestion, Smiling Preacher has already given you a great tip :-) Another one that works really well is to spray the mist into your hand, dab a finger into it and then dab it onto the inside of your cheek :-)

    As JaffaJuice says, changing your mindset into that of a more positive one really does help and can make a huge difference. So, think about what you say when you talk to yourself - yes, we all do it, some people just don't admit it ha ha Positive thinking all the way is a must :-)

    Maddy56vfelt the same way but has also said that these feelings pass, so just keep on, keeping on :-)

    Bevie, that's some pennies that you've saved there! Well done to you. It's a really good habit to get into (saving money you haven't spent) - be sure to treat yourself!

    I'm keen to try all these new recommended teas, salted caramel- just wow!

  • I do indeed feel so much better reading the comments :D Been recounting over and over in my head that I can do it!

  • Have a look at my quickmist review:-) you're doing great.


  • Welcome Simone💐

    Your withdrawal sounds like mine was.. I was exhausted !!! The first month was horrible: sweats , nausea, headaches, depression , aching muscles .... If it wasn't for my quit support family , I would have freaked out and lit up but the senior quit people reassured me my symptoms of withdrawal would pass and they did😛

    It wasn't easy but it's been worth it.. Everyone recovers at different rates and everyone's withdrawal varies..... I b****ed and moaned for months on site and everyone just reminded me to Not Take That One Puff.... Ever!!!!!!

    Love and best wishes from 🇨🇦

  • Ditto, plus brain fog, problems sleeping and bleeding gums! There will be weird and scary symptoms, but they will pass and then it's a bit like the old joke about the chap banging his head on the wall because it was great when he stopped :)))

    On the plus side I no longer cough, smell horrid, panic if cafe doesn't have outside seating or worry about how to cope on long journeys or visiting friends and symptoms are abating each day.

    Hang in there and best of luck

  • Omg shenan!!!!

    You're getting better fast !!!!!  Wow 👍🏻  thanks for sharing that with me.... You're doing better than I was🎈🎈🎈🎈 way to go💃🏿

    Love and best wishes from 🇨🇦

  • It's reassuring to know I go through the same problems other people go through. Makes me feel less alone. I've quit before (longest was 8 weeks) and I thought I could have a "celebratory" smoke but nope! Straight back on them. I have never had this level of exhaustion. Sat at work thinking I just can't be f**ked! Was an awful feeling. Even went for a walk and felt my feet dragging along the ground. Just feels when you're going through it that it's forever.

  • Hang in there Simone👍🏻

    The exhaustion is awful... After a month , the worst is over xx

  • Wow ... What an amazing post this has turned into ... The advice in here is priceless, just to know the symptoms you feel are normal and will diminish and eventually go is such a comfort when you are feeling them.

    It has been said by a few here but I believe your thoughts are the biggest thing to watch for ... If you can focus on the positives of your quit rather than how hard it is or what you think you are missing, you will find it easier to overcome the urges.

    When I started doing this in the beginning it seemed false and very hard to do (to focus on how clean your lungs are becoming when you really want a cigarette is hard ... I get that) but the more you practice this the easier it becomes and the better you are able to use this technique of switching your thoughts.

    Just find your reasons for quitting and put some positive spin or thoughts with them.

    I am so glad that I no longer...... #fill in the blank :-)#

    Smelling of smoke was another big motivator for me... I no longer wanted to smell like that, have you smelt someone who has just had a cigarette.. I can't believe I never smelt how bad it was before (you can't while you smoke I know.. but i never want to go back to that).

    I was already into walking when I quit but I found that to be really useful distraction when I quit... I would go for a short brisk walk when I wanted a cigarette. On my quit day I clocked up nearly 30 kilometers in short walks lol.

    I would definitely recommended walking as a distraction.

    All the best with your quit and remember NOPE.... :)

    p.s. I would like to give a big thanks to all the people who answer these questions on a regular basis... you really do make a big difference... even to people who will never ask a question but get a lot of support from the answers you all give to others.


  • The advise here is very, very helpful! Cannot believe the support I've had and so many people who have been successful. It's made me feel so optimistic and so happy that there is so much support out there.

    I find one thing that helps is exercise. When I get tired I can taste and feel all the s**t coming up from my lungs and it's gross!!

    I also secretly like a guy who doesn't smoke and HATED the way I smelt! I see him tomorrow and surprise him with not smelling of smoke.

    If I was distracted this would be a piece of cake but I feel so bored!

  • hi Simone, I see you've got loads of good advice already so I'll just say welcome and well done to you🚭😊

  • Hello all :)

    Wow! 51 replies. Did not expect that.. Thank you so, so much every one for your support.

    Last night had a massive blow up with my ex (who I still live with) because he left a lighter where I would see it. Was so angry I grabbed a smoke but then hesitated and walked away without having it. Had a fight with a friend an hour later, same thing but once again didn't smoke. My head is convincing me to just have one, that I'm too angry, that I need that one, begging and pleading with me. Funny how the mind can work against you.

    Reading the replies as I go...

  • NOPE NOPE NOPE....... Not One Puff Ever simone 😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Pretty much where I stand now is that if I even had one puff or one smoke I wouldn't be able to forgive myself!! I'd feel like my time without has been for nothing, I have to reset my quit app and it's back to the start. Couldn't do that to myself or the people who I have told I'm quitting.


  • Good for you hun😊

  • Good on you Simone, you've marched on ahead in true winning style 🙅

  • The Chantix use to kick in within a few days when it first came out, but they must have changed the formula because this time I took it and it takes 3 months before the brain receptors start turning around where you can even begin to quit. I quit, but now we don't know how to get off the Chantix! Pharmacist says most take the Chantix for another 3 months after they quit to be sure. So, I am.

    I once years ago went to a one week seminar I paid $200 for and learned that on day one, 50% of the nicotine is out of your body. By day two, 75% is out of your body, and so by day 3 it is all out of your body.

    I also learned that on about the 21st day after quitting, very strong urges come on that you must fight through. Get to that first month and say, hoorah I did it!

    You CAN do it. 

    P.S. Oh, forgot: And, you will get all kinds of crazy, bad symptoms which will vary from person to person, but it is just part of the withdrawal process trying to MAKE you believe it will feel better if you just light up. Don't give in. I even threw up, got stomach pains, headaches, anxiety, etc....and, no, it was not the flu! It's the damn withdrawal. It does get easier the longer you go without. And, you will be amazed how much better you feel!

  • Rather disappointing update but I slipped up :(

    Got the sack from my job earlier today and came across a packet I thought was empty and a smoke fell out. I had it as I just thought f**k this!! It tasted absolutely feral!! Like reeeeal bad. Then I felt sick after and decided that was going to be one and one only..

  • Oh simone, yikes for losing your job 😟

    There's very few on here who haven't had a trial run when it comes to quitting but you now know even after a couple of days how disgusting they taste.... So that's good👍

    The thing is not to give up giving up, but to jump back on and continue your quit 😊

    The other thing to remember, smoking does not solve our problems, it doesn't make anything better, it just highlights the issue coz you think more about it when you stand there and smoke, it doesn't take away pain, and it doesn't take away memory, what is does is cause anxiety and then slowly kills us which will increase our anxieties state  😟 It most definitely is not your friend!🤔

    Restart your journey and if you feel like you want to smoke then don't, come on here and rant and rave as that will actually take away the craving 😊

    Good luck hun on both job and quit😊🍀🍀🍀🚭🚭🚭

  • Yes yikes indeed :/ but these things happen. If I didn't have a smoke on me I wouldn't have had one but one just seemed to magically appear.. I'm determined not to have another as another means back on to the habit. One is a slip up, more is a relapse.

    I need to see smoking as not curing my problems but causing problems. Whenever I've felt sad, angry or any negative emotion smokes are like my best friend but I think that's the addiction talking, not me.

  • That's a great attitude simone 👍 As to smokes being your friend, would you be friends with someone who wants to kill you?? 🙀 

    You can do this and we are all with you..... See this as your new start in life, new Healthy you, new job.... When your new workmates say are you coming out for a smoke, you can say no thanks I don't smoke.... They will never put you under any pressure because they don't know any different... Win win situation 😊😊👍🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Ah that's another positive I didn't think of! Starting a new job as a non smoker. In the past whenever I've started a job and they know I'm a smoker I get a riiiiight and get second guessed.. New me, new job :D

  • Every cloud..... 😊😊

  • Excellent Droopy--xxx MmeT

  • A slip is a slip... Dont beat yourself up over it.... Just carry on regardless. I remember having a short fuse in the first week of giving up and I promise things get better and easier. 

    Keep going ... Your doing great 

  • Only the beginning darlin--hang on--it will come and go- but-less and less--we cant expect to feel ok--after polluting our bodies-including our brains and souls with this poison--Don't let it scare you into feeling like you cant do it--because you can--and if you really want to--you will--This is a highly addictive drug--on a scale with heroin--Get determined and rid yourself for once and for all of this  negative force in your life--The sun will shine again--Celebrate your little victories--cry when you have to--bitch on here as much as you want but don't give in- Not One Puff Ever=N.O.P.E.-Do it now--so you wont have to later--Ok? sending love and positive vibes your way--Chin up and big girl panties on--Keep goin--one foot in front of other-----MmeT

  • Hi Simone you must be on day four now. First week is the worst hang in there. The Alan Carr book eay way to give up smoking is worth a read and free pdf if u google it 😀

  • Hi Simone,

    I'm using Champix, on day 13 today. I made my quit day on the 4th day of taking Champix. I wasn't told 10 to 14 days by my doctor. I haven't had a single cigarette after 30 years of heavy smoking. I can't believe it myself.

    After day 4 I was so weak I had a couple of puffs on an e cig. I felt such a failure after! However I confessed on here and the support was amazing and too be honest the best motivation for me. I do have a little puff of the e cig now and then but feel confident that I'll be able to give this up much easier than cigarettes real soon.

    It does get easier I promise!

    All the best

    Sue xx

  • Simonetania, Congratulations on your quit!!! Heck yeah it's hard. (for most of us)   I'm in past 3 weeks, and still want one. BUT,  I feel much  better.  The intensity  of the darkest craves has lessened considerably. 

    You've made the biggest step,  YOU are a non smoker. You might have those moments of irritability, and tiredness , but as time passes, you'll find the opposite to be true of your energy level.

      Be patient ,  and even if you can't exercise for hours , a little walk will help.  I find this site to be very helpful.  Sometimes when a crave hits, I come to this site,  read posts,  and post.  There're a lot of us non smokers here to support you, and each other.  Really, if you feel a super strong crave  come here, if you can  it will help it  pass.  NOPE.

    Keep up the wonderful job!!!!!!!!

  • DO NOT GIVE UP. I felt exactly the same way for the first 3 weeks plus I felt depressed like I had lost a friend. KEEP BUSY and know that it will all pass in the next 3 months. Think 3 days- 3 weeks-3 months. I quit 2 years and 11 months ago from smoking a pack and a half a day and will never look back. 

    Good luck!

  • How are you doing Simone?? Still goin?? xxx MmeT

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