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Quit smoking 2 days ago

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Hi all, I found out I am pregnant 2 days ago and stopped smoking immediately (I don’t know how many weeks I am yet). With all the hormones and withdrawal from nicotine it’s so hard. It sounds silly, but I can’t stop crying and feel so sensitive. Does anyone have any tips to help? I booked in for hypnotherapy today, but it didn’t work at all, as I think my anxiety is so high. I feel like I’m going out of my mind.

9 Replies
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Hi Bell and welcome to Quit Support🚭✅

Congrats on your great news🎉

Well done for making the best decision for you and your baby👍

Mindfulness and meditation apps can be helpful for anxiety and the support here will really help.

Please have a look at the pinned posts as great info there.

It’s quite normal to feel anxious and there’s some breathing techniques in the pinned posts which are very good.

Lots of slow deep breathing and relax. You can do this and we’re all here to help.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey xx

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Veteran250 in reply to Briarwood

Hi Bell.

Welcome to Quit Support, as Briar says, check out the Pinned Posts for helpful info on quitting..... you will find the pinned posts to the right of this page, or at the bottom of page, depending on which device you are using.

Drink plenty of water and other drinks, to flush the toxins from your system, and keep you and the little one hydrated..... congratulations bye the way.😀👏👏👏😘.

Have sliced fresh fruit and healthy chewy bars in the fridge as an alternative to cigarettes, or mints and chewing gum in the cupboard.

Write out a list in black felt tip pen of your personal reasons for trying to Quit, put PREGNANT right at the top of the list, then stick it up somewhere in your home, so you see it every time that you pass it bye.

If you feel like screaming, shouting, crying or stuff like that, come on here to read other members posts, even join in the chat if there is some going on, respond to any posts that you want too, we are all equal in this community!

You will get plenty of encouragement and support from our lovely members in this community, we are all here to help each other.

Our community mantra is NOPE( Not One Puff Ever)

😀🌞👍😘🌹🚭NOPE! Xx

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Bell66 MONTH WINNER in reply to Briarwood

Thank you so much, this community seems so supportive.. I honestly have felt so alone the last few days. All your replies have put a smile on my face and will help me to stay stronger. I know there’s no going back now 😊😊

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4Today14 Month Winner in reply to Bell6

Water helps me Bell, either bath or warm swimming pool.

Many congrats and good on ye for jumping off the smoking bus

4Today :O)

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Hi ya Bell6, its lovely to meet you :) and a big warm welcome to Quit Support :)

As our lovely Briarwood and Veteran have said, please have a look at the Pinned Posts, cos there's loads a info and help on there :) :) But saying that, if you carnt find the answer to your question :o then please, just come on here and shout out and somebody will help you :) :)

Like I say Bell, just shout out if ya need any help :) :) xx

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Hello Bell, welcome to Quit Support, and "congratulations" on your news. You must be thrilled. Also what a good reason to quit smoking. 👶

Everyone has already given you excellent advice, so be sure to keep popping on here for support, and any queries you may have.

I will go and find you an achievement badge so you can not only watch baby grow but your quit journey progress.

look forward to supporting you. Thank you for joining us. :) xx

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Hey!!! First off congratulations! I am a new dad myself and all I can really say is USE THIS BEAUTIFUL GIFT AS A START TO STOP!

My wife when she was pregnant had to give up so much stuff out of fear that it could harm our baby. And so I decided that I should give up the cigs.

I’m now 10 months without a cig or any nicotine and I feel amazing.

It will probably be hard for some time but just keep thinking of that little one and get ready, because when you see his/her little face, you won’t ever want to do something that could kill you or harm you or the baby.

Good luck!

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Congratulations and fantastic decision..... i bought a water bottle where you suck the water rather than tipping into your mouth and have found this has helped loads when the cravings hit....added bonus is I am well hydrated and getting my step count up with all the trips to the loo :)

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Drink plenty of water and always treat quitting smoking as an achievement

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