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2 weeks an one day smoke free

sammysimead7 MONTH WINNER

so its been 13 whole days now with no ciggies, ive been up, down,restless, tired, tearful, happy all sorts of emotions and aches and pains. ive also been around a lot of smokers and the smell is disgusting and i now preach the unhealthyness of smoking to them lol because i am a non smoker :) i also feel like i dont want a cigarette any more cos food is so much nicer :) just have to watch my weight slowly rise now :) so happy no smoking everyone and have a good day :)

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Congratulations🎉 And I totally understand your withdrawal struggle. Me too. I'm having one hell of a time but I have made friends on this site and they have been so supportive Have you watched those video clips of smoking and what it can do?? Omg. Not for the faint of heart

Okay have a great smokefree day



Coco79717 Month Winner in reply to Hidden

Is not sleeping well a side effect? I didn't even think about that. But last night I was very restless and wide awake for 2 hours when I should've been asleep. My mind would not turn off. But my chest is feeling better! Ha we win!

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Hi Coco..... Sleep is huge in the beginning. Deprivation that is... And vivid dream recall.... Weird dreams but this too shall pass... I take one hour at a time....I'm having a physically hard time but my attitude is positive...... Smoking scares the **** out of me... I really want to heal my body. Hang in there and take care


monkyAdministrator in reply to Coco797

Hi ya coco, if you have a look on the Pinned Posts to your right, you will find some breathing exercises :)

Have a try at the - How to slow a busy mind down - it takes a bit of practice but it flippin worked for me in my early days :)

Keep on trucking Coco, cos your doing great :) :)

Coco79717 Month Winner

I'm on the right path then. The dreams I wake up from make me kiss my wedding rings and thank God immediately! I'll start making better use of the nights I can't sleep. Ha thanks and have a great day! You got this!


Congratulations Sammy, you're doing great👍🏼 well done and keep going coz you're a non smoker now and that's a fantastic feeling, be very proud of yourself😊x

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Yes indeedie do! Great work Sammy! And since you mentioned it .. I'm starting to appreciate food again ... too! (Let's see, what's for supper.................)


Aup Sammyyyyyyyy :) massive great big CONGRATULATIONS to ya 13 whole days quit :) :) :)

I'm soooooo PROUD of you gal :) :) Nowwwww, go out and flippin treat yourself to something really nice :) :)

Heyyyy, bugger the weight, cos if you can quit smoking, you can quit anything :) :) BUT, later eh :)

You take care now and speak soon :)

Pete :)

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