Nearly quit a month super dupa proud

So iv not been on here for awhile as been trying to really concentrate on quitting so regarding my last post next Saturday is d day to going out for my first alcoholic drink without smoking really nurvers as I haven't been out in nearly a year I suffer depression and anxiety any tips on how to keep chirpy and up beat worried incase I'm just sat there not a drinker anyway but taking a break from all 3 kiddies excited a little

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  • Hi Bonnie, I think the thought of going out next week for the first time without cigs is making you a bit nervous. Actually doing it won't be so bad. Being out of our comfort zone can be difficult but remember how well you've done and how proud you feel. You keep chirpy coz ya don't smell like an old ashtray anymore and you can enjoy yourself without a smoke. Have a well deserved break from your children as Mums don't get that too often. Make the most of it and take lots of deep breaths to keep you going. Deep breathing has got me through a lot of stressful situations. It might help to think that our lovely Monky is sitting on your shoulder, smile and enjoy🚭🚭🚭😊

  • Thank you so much for your advice and help I'm in need of maybe a tactic to keep me busy train myself in some kind honestly don't want to slip up 🙈 x

  • Hi Bonnie,

    Like Briar said, it - the thought of it will be more scarier that the actual doing it.. Just believe in your self..remind yourself of how far you have come...ask your friends to support you with staying smoke free....

    You have a fantastic time being kid free..Mum's just dont get enough "Me" time while raising a family..So go and enjoy it :) :) :)

  • Bonnie are you alright? Havent see n you   MmeT

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