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SIx Months Quit Today

With a quit date of 14th September 2013, today I'm on the my 6 month milestone.

I know I've not posted for a long time but I do look at the site often to see how people are getting on and catch up with newcomers to the site.

I started my quit using an E-cig and came off that in December. I lasted a till the new year but got really irritable with everyone - so I started using it again. Shame really but I'm using the lowest nicotine (6mg) and am planning a slow wean off process over the next 6 months. (I thought, why rush - as long as you don't replase to smoking - do it slowly).

So that's what I'm doing for the next 6 months.

Wishing strong will and good health to all who have quit or are looking to quit.

Mr Edd

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Mr Edd, Great to hear from you. 6 months is fantastic Emjay owes you a badge. :) Well done! :) :)


Hey MrEdd, congratulations on reaching such a fantastic milestone :-)

I would have to agree with you, it is better to take things as easy as you have to until you can move onto the next step - we wouldn't want for you to go back to 'the real thing'! 6 months is a great achievement - Well Done!

A true winner :-)



How GOOD are you.6 months is a great achievement & it does feel brilliant (I made 6 months last Sunday the 9th) Absolutely NO point in rushing getting off the nicotine,take your time & as EmJay says better off on the Ecig than on the real thing.WELL DONE I'm doing the 6 month Happy Dance for you.Hugs Helen


Aup Edd, great to meet you pal, and a massive big well done to you for reaching the 6 month milestone :) :)

I'm with you on, you take as long as it takes eh :) You say your on the lowest dose of nicotine - 6mg I'm sorry, but I don't know much about e-cigs :o but maybe just try this :)

1- Count how many times you use your e-cig a day !

2- When you get the urge to want your e-cig, pick it up and say NO to it, put it down and carry on with what you were doing, then the next time you get the urge, have it :) and so on for that erm, period :)

3- When your happy doing that, then say NO twice to it ! before you have it :) and so on for that period :)

I don't know whether this will help you to cut down, or whether I've just confused you :o :D :D but gooooood luck Edd, and speak soon pal, Pete :)


Well done


Hi Mr Edd, We thinking the same, I've reduced down to 10mg and hope to go to 6mg soon, but like you I'm not rushing it as finding it hard on 10 at times. Here's to us being nic free in the not to distant future. :-) :-)


Well done Mr Edd. I'm still vaping but on a stronger mg. I'm not rushing either. Done 21 weeks today after 45 years of cigs. I couldn't live with myself if I had a cig.


Think we should all do a dance together! Well done all of us♥:-)


Cheers for all the comments! Great encouragement!


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