Feeling urghhhh

Just over 3 weeks and I'm still smoke free. Not easy though. Feel great not being held to ransom by ciggies. Saving loads of money which is also a bonus. But my god the symptoms go on. Now have a sore roof of my mouth and a round of headaches again. I thought they had gone. I know it is normal but it does take its toll. How long will it all go on for? Help xx

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  • A great big Yippyyyyyyyyy Dippyyyyyyyy Dooooooo Christine for reaching over 3 weeks quit :) :) thats some awesome quit ya got going there :) :)

    I have said this many a time gal, we are all different and it takes our bodies different times to heal :o i hope it dosnt last long :) :)

    Maybe try a mouthwash :) and try to drink plenty of water as this helps our bodies to cleanse itself :) :) and go and treat yourself to something really nice with all that money that hast gone up in smoke eh :) :)

  • Hi Pete and Goodmorning ☕️☀️ Ya , you were the guy who reassured me that my raw peeling roof of my mouth was mother natures way of making fresh new skin and shedding the old ..... How horrible to think I did that to myself...it's a gross visual😂😂😂

    Thanks so much for all your help

    Arizona xx

  • Good morning to you toooooo Arizona :) :) Hmmm, I see your up very early gal :o You got about 3 am their :o

  • Yep.... Every morning ... 2 or 3 am....Rise and shine☀️☀️☀️😂😂😂😂😂

    I would just loooove to get an undisturbed 6 to 8 hours...... Glorious....... Maybe in May when I go to Mexico, I will sleep better.... I tend to sleep better at sea level..... Or maybe I'll move to the Uk.... You're at sea level... Right???? I'm mountain time.... Very high altitude .......

  • I hope you manage to fit some power naps in during the day time gal :) :)

    Hmmm, not sure whether its the high altitude that stops you getting a good nights sleep :o but it may well do :) :)

    Ermmm, are you scared of hights ;o :D :D :D

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 Nope

  • :D :D :D xx

  • At sea level, I'm more relaxed..... Honestly.... People move for that reason🏊 🏄 🚣

  • Well, there ya go Arizona, I've learnt something today gal :) :)

    Thankyou very much :) :)

  • Anytime🍏🍏🍏🍐🍐🍐

  • You taught me about 🍏🍏🍏🍐🍐🍐 I thought.... What the heck is he doing with apples and pears at nighttime before bed🤔

  • :D :D :D

  • Talking about apples & pears, me thinks its about time to go and climb them, cos am noddin see :o

    Soooo, I will bid you good day young Lady and you have a happy day tooo eh :) :) :)

  • Sleep well Pete😴💤💤💤

  • 3 weeks👏🎉🎉🎉🎉 Hi Chr1stine..... My first month was frightening..... If it wasn't for my quit support friends reassuring me all my physical symptoms were normal, I would have lit up for sure !! Headaches, aching teeth, roof of my mouth was raw and peeling, sweats , exhaustion..... But it went away after the first month or so ..... Keep this site close and keep reminding yourself why you have to quit👍🏻

    Arizona xx

  • 'Can't add much to what's been offered -- symptoms should be easing soon. Always bear in mind that withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking are really and truly ways that our bodies are adjusting, healing, and eventually getting better; MUCH BETTER! It's worth it.

  • Thanks for all your replies. Yes it seems to be the punishment after all that damage. I know it ll pass. Just have to be patient xx

  • Keep going Chr1stine,having difficulty With symptoms in other ways.. Was getting a bit intense before so f**k it became log on,no stars needed for that! :-) Its passing a bit,mine are more emotional charges, if I sit in them it's going to be a disaster.. So HF here we are sharing, reaching out and there's people there. Let's keep paddling, just this afternoon.Good to know to know your out there, were not alone. My head tells me other wise in those lows.NOPE NOPE yep its Nope

  • I hear ya iris,

    The lows are low......

    That's when Mr Nic starts hassling me...

    One puff=one pack

    Lets stay smokefree🌹

    Arizona xx

  • Absolutely Arizona. When it passes I'm so relieved to come out the other end,SMOKE FREE! It means a lot to me..I used to feel great remorse when I relapsed, it was a way for the addiction to add on another heavy feeling and in turn another reason of smoking the following day. It's such a horrendous viscious circle of harming yourself. I'm trying to learn to be more loving towards myself in those lows, not buy into all consuming thoughts, the worst being; 'it's never been different, this is how it's always been' Lies..all lies geared to keep the cycle of addiction/misery going. It's good to type this, shed the light on the dark spots that fester and can even seem unrelated to the habit! Smoking is down and now the change of thinking begins...We deserve nothing less!! Best to you Arizona xx

  • Thankyou Iris 🌹 Love your reply!!

    Arizona xx

  • It WILL get better--you will begin to feel some relief off and on--Just do not give up--I had the headaches too--and then no sleep--and then all I did was sleep- and ate like a shark and was irritable and weepy-I had no idea it was going to be so hard--but it will balance out as tiny rewards begin to come--clarification of the senses--better breathing, sleeping.energy level-- food is divine-moods level out, more money in your pocket and more time. You are not always looking for a cig or a lighter,buying them,worrying about running out-Need more reasons??Seriously it is tho I have lived literally behind smoking mirrors most of my life--Well worth the pain and craving--you will be free- and you are not alone..-so hang on.. MmeT

  • Thanku for your support. Yes sleep is a problem or lack of it 😢 and I agree when u smoke you are really always thinking about the next one or if Uve got enough etc etc. It's nice to have the freedom. Well done u for being 3 months without them x

  • I will take that--hasn't been easy

  • I love your example! :O))

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