Here I go

Here I go into week 12 this is where I started smoking again the last time but I'm so determined this time is going to be different I just keep thinking of all the people I would let down if I started again and I kep thinking of how much better I feel my hair is softer my skin is smoother my teeth are whiter my fingers are not yellow I smell better I have my sense of taste and smell back people can smell my perfume and not stale cigerette smoke my confidence is back and I sleep like a log all through the night something I never did when I smoked so if all these are not reasons to keep off the fags I don't no what else would be still vaping but still not smoking so all you newbies these are reasons why I'm keeping off the fags and its not easy and certainly not my first attempt but I got to a stage in life where I want to feel so much better and this is where I am now so even if you fall off the wagon don't be despondent because you will do it but it'll be when the time is right for you!!!!!

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  • I'm sure you'll make it through this coming week just fine and dandy! You present a great attitude and a lot of good reasons for staying smoke free. Thanks for sharing -- as we can all profit from your post!

  • Great news donesmoking, you're doing really well and thanks for sharing a lovely positive post with us👍🏼😊 your determination is a credit to you and as Dunn said, we can all benefit from it. This is your time to shine🌟

  • Donesmokin, love your nickname and it says it all. This is it. Now you're done smoking. :-)

    Your post is great for all newbies, like myself. It reminds us that even though the road may be bumpy and people sometimes fall off the wagon, we can always climb back and keep on with the journey until we reach our destination: NOPE.

    Yay for your 12 weeks!! These 12 are stronger and even more determined than the other 12 in the past. These 12 will get you to another 12 and beyond. We're all rooting for you.

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