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quit day

well the big day . woke this morning at 6.45 put patch on im using 25mg 16 hours .went back to sleep for an hour,felt like i ve never smoked,then it happened stale smoke and even though the heating had been on i went all round flat and opened the windows GOD i wished i had never smoked inside,was going to use gum as well as patches but changed to mini lozenges instead only had a couple.post later to let you know how im getting on.

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Now they tell you there's a 25mg patch when I had to suffer on 21! lol. Well best of luck for the big day one. You are doing it the same way as me patches and back up! Ha it's the only way.

One word of caution, I was warned that keeping the patch on at night could make u have random dreams. I thought no that wouldn't happen to me... And I did have random dreams some good some horrible didn't connect it for weeks then thought will take the patch off at night and the dreams stopped so it is true.

Best of luck and don't forget to check in here for a rant or a laugh ©™👀


Welcome to Quit Support, Supermum! All the best to you as you follow up on your great decision to quit smoking! And Congratulations, too! Check out some of the pinned posts on the web site -- there is a lot of invaluable info there and some great tips, too! Keep us posted!


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