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I quit then I lit

Hi //on feb 2nd I quit for34 days then my life was dealt with a lot of shit so I lit up smoked for 7 days got a chest infection and cough cough no sleep I was so miserable ,so Im happy to say I went and got 3 months worth the patches which is called for for me and I started the program as of march 17th yesterday I am so determined this time Just don't want to be sick and cough like that no more.

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Try and USE the ' chest infection' as a reason to start quitting again? you did well to get as far as you did.. so try and go back! it WILL be worth it..

Sounds like a good thing...


Hey 34 days is pretty darn good. So well done.

Such a pity as one of the hardest part was out of the way. But that was your practise run. You now know what triggered a relapse.

Whether you smoke or not the problem would have been there, its just your coping mechanism wasn't working properly.

Give it a go but please come on here when you are feeling "on the edge".

I used gum to get really quick fixes and that got me over the worst.


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Hi lili 😃

Well done for starting your quit again, have you read Allen Carr "easy way to stop smoking" , not the best written book but it has helped myself and many others. You can download it free online.

Your only a quitter if you quit quitting 😉😉😉

Just come on here to moan, ask questions or have a laugh, we're a friendly, mad group that all have the same objective to stop smoking and stay stopped 😀😀


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Hiya lili and a big warm welcome to quit support 😀

You can do it this time and we are all here to help you 😃

Stay determined and when things get tough just remind yourself how bad you felt with the cough and no sleep 😰

It's a good idea to have a back up as well for when you need that extra as in nicorette gum or lozengers. You may not need it but it's a safety net in case you do 😃

Good luck and stay positive 😃 x

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hi lili and welcome to quit support,

Quitting for 34 days was a great achievement, it shows you can do it.😊

I think reading the Allen Carr book may help you out too as it really does make you look at smoking from a whole new prospective. It is available online as a Pdf and free.

It doesn't take you long to realise that lighting up does not solve the problem that you felt you needed a smoke and that is just how mr Nic likes to keep control.

You have show mr Nic who is in control, and arm yourself with whatever NRT that will help you along the way.

All the very best of luck and we are all here to help.😀☺️👍👍

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Linda, I'm on my iPad so where do I go to download this?

Cheers 😄


Got it 👍😄


sorry, Emjay, only just seen post, Glad you found it :)


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