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Nicotine Hunger


It sucks to feel this way--I cannot get out due to weather even if I wanted to. I feel this "hunger"deep and gnawing... I will try to satisfy it with food but It is bad today-- it speaks to me and whispers"Just one would be so nice-c,mon"-but as AA says" One is to many and 100 is not enuff" This is not fun--this is the tough part- this is the sick to your guts part-this is what we don't want to face part--THIS is addiction-and it hurts............I am on the NOPE raft adrift on a sea of nicotine and wanting.....

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Hi madam, sounds like you are having a bad day. Can you use you e-cig to help you through it?

I'm using my NRT and it is helping loads. Do what you need to to get through. You can do it. Like you say one would be nice but it won't be enough and it won't help. You will feel worse.

Stay strong 👀

yeah Im going to go get it --Keep it in a drawer so have to think before I do it--Im gonna have a big big big drag---lmao we will see how that works but miss the filthy heaviness in lungs --isn't that crazy as hell??? Ive been hanging onto the site all morning--my lifeline sometimes

I know exactly what you mean I missed the feeling as it hit your lungs. I haven't felt like that for a while thank god because it is pretty disgusting but I loved it.

Hope the e-cig helps get you through. Sometimes it's just a shit day. Probably made worse because you can't go out even tho u probably don't want to.

Stick close to the forum and take care. ©

thank you Andrew--I know you know--It is tough and Im anxious and want to cry and Im to pissed off to do that--and I want to sleep and escape--and im twitchy and just plain uncomfortable--and my mind keeps asking--How long before this craving leaves or I have a smoke--No answer to 1st question and no to second and then the weepy,anger cycle starts again


download allen carrs book and read and re-read..higlight the key points..this might help..will look for link for you

Found it :) :)

thank you--doin better but have been eating all day

And me Iv ate loads today including half a cake yum yum.

How do u get food in if you can't go out? Do you have to stock up and wait it out? 👀

went to store few days ago--knowing this was coming==god I can be full and stomach still growlin---..

I know it's horrible like u can be stuffed with food and the hunger still there have u used the ecig? 👀

yes--sucked 'er down --helped and plus im so full cant move lol

BUT would still enjoy a cigarette about 6 feet long

Hi Mme, I found one thing helps - treat your inner voice (addiction) just like you do a toddler tantrum. Distract yourself, try to ignore it, mimic it by throwing yourself on the floor and screaming, feel foolish, get up and have a glass of water, wash your face and gird your loins to do it all over again!

BUT it WILL get better

Cheers Ngaire xx

that is so good--Im dying here--lol lol its like shut up child

you know I would dothat but have eaten non stop today and might throw up if I do any floor maneuvers

Just don't give in!!

I didn't --but it sure was a tough day--Thank you for the support xx

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