The decorators have just left my house after repainting my kitchen, hall and bathroom. I was mortified by the staining from nicotine. They sealed the ceilings and walls before painting and it looks great now. Now I am cleaning all the pictures, photo frames etc and waiting for them to come back to do the sitting room. I will never ever smoke another cigarette as long as I live.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

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  • Hiya KC it's great to have the place freshly decorated and I just love how positive you are about never ever smoking again, brilliant :) :) x

  • Thats awesome KC,

    Enjoy the nice freshness of a new paint job and putting up your pictures, Loves your attitude too .. :) :)

  • I know just what you mean about the tar stains. On a subsequently failed quit attempt about 4 years ago, I washed down all the walls & ceiling with sugar soap. What a revelation & what a terrible job that was. After repainting I vowed I would never smoke inside again. Despite being the sole occupant, even though I started smoking again, I did all my smoking outside. What came off those walls was putrid.

  • Yeah, I could peel the yellow stains off the ceiling and walls. I use to get a ladder

    and clean the ceiling with alcohol. Only thing that worked. I still have wall paper to remove as the result of it. 6mths smoke free. Wish I could have quit sooner.

  • My husband won't consider giving up, so our house is less stained, but not free of it.

  • Hi Kc glad you got your kitchen repainting bet it looks really nice now :) I love the smell of new paint it smell really clean. Glad you do not ever what to go back to smoking good for you :D xxx

  • My decorator used a special sealer which smelled awful and stung your eyes and throat but he guarantees the nicotine will never bleed through. Washing it was not at all successful when I've tried it. I am so pleased with it and looking forward to having the sitting room done.

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