Crazy Nicotine Monster

I have learnt that the triggers that starts my cravings are still the same as when i quit approx 6and a half weeks ago.Iguess whats changed is my thought process as what ido not to allow the temptation to light up.Icompare how i felt that brought me to the point of throwing those cancer sticks away and how i feel now. Ialso tell myself that there is no benefit to giving in to the nicotine monster.Ihave this group to vent how i feel and know they have been or going through the same thing.Ilook forward to the day when i dont spend so much time and effort staying off the monster


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  • It sure is a crazy nicotine monster - You have a great attitude and this will certainly keep you smoke free :) :)

  • Yes, me too Shimoni...... I stay close to everyone on this site because I'm having a hell of a time on my quit journey. But....... I'm determined....... I don't want a stoke...... Women who smoke in my family have strokes....... Can't handle that..... The fear keeps me from lighting up and the wonderful support people on this site..... Onwards as you say

    Thankyou for your post


  • I still sometimes forget for a second and think oh I'll just go and have a smoke then remember and think oh drat! No more for me. Hopefully that will pass. I'm staying determined any way.


  • That day will come Shimoni when it gets easier, in the meantime you're doing a great job and yep I'm loving your positivity, thanks😊x

  • Thanks for all the messages.Weall in the same posistion.Im sure if we get through the early stages together we will be full time members of NOPE

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