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Just starting..bring it on!

Hi Guys,

I am on day 7 today and must say after finding this website it has helped soo much that Im praying this is the one. I have attempted over 100+ times but feel more confident after reading everyone's stories....I love it how only a smoker can really understand the reality of these stories ....I have come to believe the more knowledge on this addiction the better. I cant believe this drug is so destructive and effects every part of the body head to toe, can't believe it's illegal...Im so scared I will fail , fingers crossed im ready to fight for my life! Gloves are up lets get ready to rock n roll....

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Welcome Alana to this wonderful quit site :) :) and a big congratulations for not giving up on quitting :) :)

Having people who really understand make all the difference. I am only 10 weeks into my quit journey and have found the people on this site and reading through pasts posts continues to inspire me.

Are you using any helps NRT etc? One thing that may help you, is the "All things Quit Support" as this will give you valuable information on what to expect along the way.

We all go through different experiences quitting and staying quit but being informed on what you may encounter really helps with unnecessary anxiety :) :)

All the very best on your journey..keep coming in, and just shout if you need any help :) :)

I am sure Emjay ( our quit advisor), Jilly and monky will be drop and and give you some good advice :) :)

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Hi glolin

Well done to you 10 weeks is excellent. I have tried everything you can think of and found cold turkey would work best for me. I have done loads of reading and have been trying to quit for 12 years...I have been a smoker for 30 years so I am sooo ready and actually really enjoying the process...at the same time trying not to be too cocky as its early days....


Cold turkey is how I have done too :)


It sure does help when you have your head in the right place. I had smoked 30 a day for 40 years. What amazes me is that I had not once tried to quit in the past because I believed I wouldn't be able to do it


Yes I get that, nicotine is so powerful. I stopped for 2 years and went out one night had a few drinks and had that one cigarette and bang back on. I have two daughters 10 and 12 years old and I thought its now or never....It also became too embarrassing to smoke as no-one smokes these days and the shame was getting worse. I also became a liar to my kids telling them I've quit but never lasted more than a few days.

I am extremely determined . My twin sister is 6 months and also got my back. he live did a complete 360 for the better.....We are all winners as long as we don't smoke ever!


Loving your attitude Alana, You have everything well thought through. This will be the best decision you have ever made for yourself :)

There are so many great resources on here that will help you along the way :) :)


Welcome to Quit Support, our friendly on-line stop smoking community :-)

In your own time, please have a good rummage around, reading through the many topics that have been posted by our members already.

If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to, then please just ask away :-)

You may even like to share your stop smoking experiences, this could also help others who may be feeling the same way too. If you have already stopped smoking, please let us know by posting a comment in the following link and we shall add you to our list of winners;


There is plenty of information within the archives section including breathing exercises, information on which therapies are available, local Stop Smoking Service information, plus much, much more.

Please give us a shout if there is anything we can help you with

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Thanks jillygirl..will do!


Hi Alana 101, from Australia !! Welcome :-)

You will find everything you need from this site, great friends, great advise, compassion, and nobody to judge you ( very important ). Oh and a laugh too, well we need that sometimes when things get tough !! :-P

In the early days when it got really tough I would always be thinking of everyone on here, in the same boat, all fighting to stay strong, and that kept Me strong, :-)

We're all working hard to succeed, and we WILL.

Take it steady, hope to hear from you soon x. :-)

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Hey Mrssunny side

Thanks you for that. I am taking it one day at a time as its the way to go . I am soo happy . I drove into work this morning and saw other people smoking in their cars and felt so sorry for them. What a waste of time and money.

One year for you congratulations!


Great to see someone else in Aussie :) :) joining up

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Well done Alana, you've almost finished your 1st week that's a great achievement keep up the good work hun :) Stay strong and focussed :)

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Hey droopyj

Thank you!

Well done to you 5 months....


Welcome Alana, congratulations on your 7 day quit, well done to you :)

Don't be scared coz we are all here to help :)

Your gloves are on and you're ready to fight, so that's good coz we really do have to be prepared to fight the demon :D

We all know how hard it is and we all help one another on here, which is great as I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own :)

Keep fighting the battle and you will win :)

Stay positive and focus on one day at a time :) x

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Thanks Briarwood,

Your doing well 5 months ..well done. Coughing up nicotine which is making me sick but my body is doing what it needs to. It will be hard to go back now and have one so every day makes a difference.

Thanks for your support x


Alana :) a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support site and wowwww your 7 days quit already toooo :) :)

I see your from Australia as is Glolin :) sooooo, I suspect your in the land of nodd now giving it some zzzzzz eh :) :)

I cant really say much more, cos the other lovely members have said it :) but as you can see, this is a lovely community we have here :) we try to help each other if we can, but if we cant, then there is our lovely Emjay :) our quit support adviser and I tell you, what she dosnt know about quitting the smokes, isnt worth talking about :) :)

We are all like you Alana, just starting on our quit journey, going through our quit journey, or made it to the healthier side :) :) So you see, we are all going through, been through what you are going through now, that is why this lovely site is soooo valuable to us quitters :) :)

Hope to see you soon, Pete :)


Thanks Pete for your encouraging words . Day eight today so looking forward to get through another day !


Keep going! You encourage me! Thanks

Today is D-day for me to join you!

Let us kill the little, but strong nicotine monster within as Smoke-enders advocate.



Yes jump on , its not that bad it's actually exciting. I just read this recently (below) and it helped me heaps. If you have time please read. It's about this guy quit day to day up to a month...he describes his feeling so well and his brutally honest ...After reading this it made me want to keep going.....remember knowledge is power , you need to know what your dealing with and tackle this addiction once and for all!

Good Luck



Alana, there is pdf version of Allan Carrs book "Easy way to quit smoking"that you can download. I read that about two weeks into my quit journey. Not the best written book but it is very powerful.

I live by the NOPE...Not one puff ever :) :)


Hi Alana, I wholeheartedly support glolin's advice. The Easy Way is an easy read & if you can get to the same mindset as Allan Carr, it makes quitting a breeze. One of the biggest challenges (once you've beaten the nicotine addiction in the first 3 weeks) is the feeling of being deprived. When you come to the realisation that you're being deprived of nothing, the rest is as easy as falling off a log. We so often regard "giving up" as parting company with a dear friend. Keep reminding yourself that you're not giving up anything. Smoking is your prison, & you have just escaped. Why would you want to go back into prison?


Yes I read that book probably 10 + times in the past, it did help me in some ways...a must read if you are a smoker....I even did his course and paid $500 a few years ago and still didn't give up...

Yes I definitely agree..Not one puff ever !


Welcome Unrevb, Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking :)

You will find a wealth of information on this site, and if your not sure..just ask :)

Good luck on your quit journey


Congrats Unrevb, on deciding to to quit smoking, Good Luck wishes coming your way. Keep us posted. :-)


Well hello Unrevb and welcome to this lovely quit support site :)

You don't need me to tell you that giving up smoking is the best thing you could do for your health (& wallet..) :) We are all going through this quit journey together and support each other through the good, the bad & the ugly :)

As Glolin says if you need anything or just want to rant, then come on here as there is normally someone about :)

How are you giving up? cold turkey nicotine replacement? Ecig? please let us know how your getting on as we are a right nosey bunch on here :P :)

Stay strong and keep focussed :)


Cold turkey and Orange juice for a bit of sugar kick?

Stopped for 25 years and got to brave with cigars :)

Did both Smoke enders and Allan Carr before - so have lots of info around.



OMG 25 years! Well you know what it takes, you've done it before so you know you can do it again and you probably have a lot to offer us with regards to advice on this site :) :)


Will publish my experiences with both Smoke enders and Allen Carr methods.

Just two keys to get it started:

1. Reasons in health, energy, image and more.

2. Public commitment let your pride kick in

My key things are the energy level and irritation to walk out and away from people?


Welcome unrevb, I'm happy that you have decided to quit and with your wealth of knowledge and all our support, you will get there this time :) it's hard to quit and even harder to stay quit but I believe the support on here makes the staying quit much better :)

I know that without the support from these fabulous people on here, I wouldn't be where I am today :)

You CAN do it, stay positive and you will succeed :) x


Quitting and changing how I spend my time often feels as if I go in circles.

The video of bugs in a maze remind me of when I am stuck in habits, bad jobs and more.

We can reason and escape permanently?

Here is to clean escapes from habits that does not serve me well!


Hi All,

Day 9 and going strong...having withdrawals and putting on weight (cant stop eating) but its not killing me....Im walking every day after work so that has been helping. I have saved $100 and not smoked over 100 cigarettes ...I look at it as a fight , who's going to win ?? me or Nicotine....Ill keep you posted.

Unrevb have no fear ...it's about time, hope your doing well :))


Hi Alana,

I read somewhere that you can put on 70 lbs before you are doing anything like as much harm to your body as smoking. So, if you've put on 70 lbs in 9 days, you might want to start worrying - otherwise concentrate for the moment on banishing Mr Nicotine and you can worry about the extra pounds later!

Keep up the good work!

You have more money - have you noticed any other benefits of quitting yet?


Hi Chris,

Yes other benefits are coming through fast ...no smell, energy, no shame and Ive stopped that mental torture in my head of when will I stop.......I have stopped and soo happy, nothing can make me have one at this stage! and the main thing is I can't wait to find myself again...I don't know who I am cause smoking made me a different person, now I can really live my life without hiding behind fear and smoke and yes Id rather be fat and confident than skinny and smelly :))


Alana, welcome to Day 9 :D :D

Well done to you, the important thing is to stay as positive as possible - especially more so when you least feel like it! This can be very trying at times and even if you resort to standing in front of a mirror, take a good look at yourself and what this stopping smoking journey may be throwing at you and then lastly - pull a really silly face at yourself and see how that leaves you feeling! It may sound really strange to suggest doing this, but do give it a go and you may be surprised at how much better it will leave you feeling ;-)

You are doing brilliantly and together we can help you to get to where you want to be ;-)


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