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Hi I went to GP last night as my breathing has got worse and I didn't feel too good. He said that I have acute Asthma or Bronchitis and he has given me steroids, anti-biotics (third course since October) and a ventalin inhaler. He said that e cigs are toxic and there has been a recent study that has proven this and it will be published soon. I honestly cannot believe the damage that e cig has done to my lungs in just eight days. While I was visiting the GP he told me that his father is currently in a hospice dying of lung cancer and all he wants is a fag. I have not smoked in four days now and I am trying to understand the psychology of the dreaded habit. I am going to see a hypnotherapist and I did some research on how it works and it has helped me understand why we do it. Apparently the brain is divided into two halves the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious is the more dominant of the two which is why when we tell ourselves that we should not smoke the underlying need overrides this and we light up again. I have been trying to understand the subconscious reasons why I smoke such as the feeling of loss and grief when I quit and why if feel that way. This is helping me a lot. I am also finding the posts on this site are motivating me to stay off them so thank you all.

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  • Hi Wendy, I hope those antibiotics get you sorted out and soon eh :) :) and a big Whoooooopy Doooooopy Doooooo to ya gal for staying quit for 4 whole days :) :) :)

    There's loads a reading on here gal, sooo, that will keep you busy and out of mischief eh :D :D

    Wendy, are you still using your inhalator and patches to help you :o Good luck and try and stay strong :) :)

  • Hi Wendy -- welcome to Quit Support -- must be a very apprehensive time for you and you have come to a good place. I second Mr. Monky's advice to have a browse through some of our "pinned posts" -- there is a lot of good information there. Besides the psychological aspects of smoking , I suggest you really should also check out the facts about nicotine, nicotine addiction and nicotine withdrawal. Let us know how you are doing and congratulations on your initial progress!!!

  • Hope you feeling better soon Wendy💐

    Well done for staying quit hun and good luck with your hypnotherapy. Our brains are very complex and anything that helps us stay quit is worthwhile. You could also have a read of Alan Carrs how to stop smoking. One day at a time and you'll get there. Stay nice and close to this site and we'll help you😊

  • Hi Wendy, hope you're feeling better soon. It's a hard journey, but the burden is lightened when we walk the path together, so come around here often and we'll help each other out.

    E cigs, or vapers, are not the best option for some, and you need to know exactly what goes into any liquid you're vaping, because there are literally thousands of references out there in the market, with no regulation. That's the main problem. And to make it worse, quite a few people, it seems, are alergic to propylene glycol (PG), the organic compound used as a base for the majority of e-liquids available on the market today.

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