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E cig

I think I have done really well for not smoking for nearly nine weeks now although I have done 3months before and then started smoking again so I am a bit worried that this will happen again but because I'm aware of that I hope I will be prepared.What I would like to know though do people on this site think that using an e cig is giving up smoking or am I just pretending that I've given up because I use an e-cig any thoughts appreciated thanks donesmokin

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eCigs that contain nicotine are keeping the smoking alive. Try and wean yourself of sucking at eCigs.


John is right,but the e-cig wont contain a lot of the other harmful chemicals. eg. cyanide tar etc.


You must do what feels right and is therefore best for you. You can always give up/tackle smoking of the e-cig at a later date.

Stay strong and you will get to and through that 12 week time - do not fear it as I personally think that is the worst thing you could do. You are aware of it because of what has happened before so start planning now on things to do to help you through it. Do anything rather than give in - I have a number of items that need buttons sewing on to them - a job I hate actually detest would be a better word - when I feel a 'need' really bad, I tackle that pile and so far I have never actually managed to reduce it to nil there are always some there for next time the 'need' arises.

Come on here anytime and shout about it - sometimes the release of shouting really does help and you could even lock yourself in the bathroom and scream and/or shout or both and if one is asked why you can say "Oh there was a massive (suitable for a single scream or a single shout) / ginormous (suitable for both a scream and a shout) black hairy spider in the bath but it's gone now down the plughole" and alright it's a little fib but it isn't harming any one and it is probably doing you a power of good!

Keep strong and remember, you're always welcome on here at any time.



Hiya E cig. I have been using one for 6 weeks but hardly ever use it. You can also get ones that are nicotin free and so it is just the motion you go through. If you want to be specific you are no longer smoking as an e cid does not burn. I think of myself as a smoker who no longer smokes. Just my opinion.

You are doing really really well. You can do this. Stay strong

Sue xx


I have discovered that stopping smoking is a very personal thing. What is right for one person isn't quite right for another. There are no 'right' ways to stop smoking and it's what works for you that counts. My brother in law stopped over 6 years ago but still uses nicotine gum, not great for him probably but much less harmful than the chemicals and toxins inhaled through just one cigarette.

Nine weeks is brilliant regardless of how it's done and I'm sure you will get through that three months mark no problem.

This site is a great place for support and encouragement. I joined yesterday while having a wobble at 7 days and convinced I was going to smoke a cigarette. Thanks to the support on here I managed not to have that cigarette and have sailed happily through day 8 today.

Good luck :)

Lily x


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