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The Champix experience

Hello all. I hope everyone's efforts are paying off in the best ways possible - I can't imagine a better Christmas gift to ourselves and our loved ones than to have us quit smoking. :-)

Now, a few hours ago I replied to a member about Champix and how there seems to be different EU/US ways of taking it, and I reckoned it probably makes sense to have that answer of mine turned into a post because it may help others who may be considering Champix or maybe taking it already. I know I did a lot of research before taking it and from all I read, what helped the most to make up my mind were the reports from people actually taking it, so here goes. :-)

Yes, there seems to be a few ways to go about Champix. The doctor that prescribed it to me is a specialist of imuno-alergology. First he prescribed a course of 14 days of 0,5 mg - one tablet for the first 3 or 4 days and then 2 tablets a day until the 14th. During these first 14 days you're supposed to "smoke as usual", but when I started this first course I had already disciplined myself and was smoking 3-4 cigarretes per day (from a pack-a-day before that). I was on that 3-4 cigs per day regime for about 3 weeks before starting the Champix, so I kept it going. You're also encouraged to pick a quit date, which you choose before starting the first course, and that date should be somewhere on the 2nd week of the 1st course. I chose day 12, but didn't make it. By the 12th day, I was still feeling no effects whatsoever from the Champix, aside from a bit of nausea. The desire to smoke was still there, going strong. So, when the 12th arrived, I still had 2 cigarettes that day and felt quite miserable for that. However, exactly on the 14th and last day of the first course, I started feeling that the Champix was kicking in and so I was able to cut down from those 3-4 a day to just 1-2 at the very beginning of the 2nd course and then just the one and then just lighting up one a day for 2-3 puffs and putting it out. Then came the 15th december and my first NOPE day. We're on the 21st now so... kudos for me, that's one week in! :-D

The second course, which runs for a month, the one I'm on right now, that's 1 mg tablets, twice a day. I'm on the 19th day of this 2nd course, if I'm not mistaken (don't have the package with me right now).

After this 2nd course I may or may not ask my doctor for another run. There is that possibility for another run, because a full course of Champix is supposed to run for 3 months. I think I probably will go back for this 3rd prescription, because I really, really want to make sure that I fight this battle with all weapons in the arsenal. Last thing I would want to happen is a relapse and then regret for taking myself out of the Champix too soon.

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Thankyou for sharing this with us Atlantida and well done for 6 days quit, you're doing great👍🏼😊


Thanks for sharing your experience! I suspected there were different regimens being prescribed for Champix/ Chantix.

BTW: I am quite sure that the Azores would greatly enhance my non-smoking experience!.


thanks for sharing - I am sure this will help many others :) :)


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