Handed Out Candy Instead

Handed Out Candy Instead

Good morning all you wonderful non smokers ... Well.... Halloween night was not spent drinking for me....... Instead I dressed up as a good witch with pink hair and handed out candy to the little ones..... I don't trust myself being around alcohol....... It's such a trigger to light up........ But I had fun...... Hope everyone has a wonderful smokefree Sunday


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  • Hiya! Arizona!!! Glad you had a fun Halloween -- and w/o smoking or drinking -- Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really admire your profound determination to quit smoking and being healthy! Way to go!!!!! Have a great day!

    ..and to anyone else looking in -- YOU have a great day too~!! - Will

  • Thanks Will🌹. Ya I just figured I'd play it safe. Alcohol is cunning and baffling. It ruins people's recovery from smoking and other addictions. I just plain don't trust alcohol. Alcohol should be illegal as well as cigarettes. Our government is twisted. That's my opinion anyways. I really really never want to light up again. I'm profoundly afraid of smoking. I cannot BELIEVE I smoked. I treat people really good Why the hell did I not treat myself good. I don't get it... Keep in touch.... Always good to hear from you


  • Hello Arizona, great you enjoyed last night without lighting up and still had fun😊

    I like to think of it as learning a new skill, the more we practise, the better we get👍🏼

    Be proud of your new healthy lifestyle👏🏼😊x

  • Hi Arizona :) a great post gal :) and loving the pic too ermmm, just wandering if thats you in your pink hair :o :D :D

    Arizona, you just did ACE gal :) :) cos if you cant trust yourself having alcohol, then not having any is your best bet for now eh :) I am so so PROUD of you :) :) and like Will has said, I admire you for your determination to stay quit, just flippin loving it :) :)

    NOPE, NOPE, allllllllllll the way Arizona :) :)

  • Good on you Arizona.

    I love how your recognising your triggers and managing them beautifully :) :)

    I tend to agree with Briar, this quitting smoking is about learning new skills. Just loving watching you flourish :) :)

  • I totally agree Lin :) :)

  • I love being a nonsmoker! 🚭🙆

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